Author Marketing Series: Hosting!

By Lori Culwell

In this video, I talk about the types of hosting you need if you are an author trying to market your website and books. Now with music!!

Letters from the Real World: It’s all in your head. Really.

By Cait Reynolds

I need a vacation. Seriously. I’m not even two months into my career as a full-time writer, and I’m exhausted. I am working seven days a week, ten hours a day, and the rest of that time, I’m thinking and worrying. I swear, I haven’t sweated work like this since the late 90’s dot com era, when you couldn’t go to lunch because you might miss a paradigm shift. There are times when I’m trying to format a blog post, and the thing just won’t… Continue Reading

Author Websites: Own Your Name!

By Lori Culwell

Hey look!  I made good use of being snowed in, yet again. As you might know, several weeks ago I sent out an email, asking for questions from authors with no experience (for a video tutorial series I’m working on). I got a lot of questions about domain names, so I decided to make the first tutorial about that! This is my first video tutorial, ever, and it was actually much harder to make than I anticipated, so I’m glad I dedicated an entire (snow)… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: Hello. I’m just like you.

By Cait Reynolds

Let me introduce myself, 12-step style. I am Cait, and I am trying to market my books. I’m not special. I’m not successful (yet). I’m not anything other than one woman, trying to make a go of a writing career. I am starting from scratch. I had nothing. I met Lori Culwell accidentally, and now, I have something. I’m a cheerfully-obsessed marketing guinea pig. I’m going step-by-step and trying to gear up for a book launch at the end of March. A lot of the… Continue Reading

Digital Assets for Authors

By Kathy Meis

What is a digital asset and why do authors need them? A digital asset is any form of content and/or media that has been formatted for digital consumption and is accompanied by the rights to use it. For authors, digital books are their primary digital assets. An author’s photos, videos and blog posts are also digital assets. Today’s 24/7 social mobile world has created a huge demand for digital assets, especially the highly visual sort like photos and videos. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and… Continue Reading

What is Vine? Will it help me as an author?

By Lori Culwell

We got a great question recently about the new 6-second video platform that is making the rounds lately, and I thought I would take a moment to address what it is and how it might help you as an author. It’s called “Vine,” and in case you haven’t heard of it,  here’s the deal with: Vine, a new social media application from the Twitter family, allows you to deliver 6-second videos to the masses that, not surprisingly, smoothly integrate with Twitter. But unless you’re going to… Continue Reading

Anatomy of a Viral Success: Seth Casteel, Underwater Dog Photography

By Lori Culwell

I know, it totally seems like I harsh on people for not having their sh$t together, so I thought I would take some time to focus on someone who got everything very, very right and is reaping the benefits of that preparation in his career. You probably still don’t know the name “Seth Casteel,” but chances are you’re familiar with his work.   One year ago, his underwater dog photography series went viral, and because he was prepared, this sudden rush of fame and attention… Continue Reading

Importance of SEO and Metatagging, Part 1 by Lori Culwell

By Lori Culwell

Part I:  Keyword Research If you’re a writer, you write all the time, right?   You’ve got your book (or books) out, you’re updating a blog on a regular basis, and you’ve got some kind of social media presence, and your website is up to date. These are the things I’m assuming you have, because they are the basics you need to be a writer in 2013.  Writers are creative types, but they also need to be organized.  I wrote a whole book that walks writers… Continue Reading