Letters from the Real World: Hello. I’m just like you.

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This is not a glamour shot. This is a writer at her desk in sweats and no makeup. This is me. This is probably you, too.

Let me introduce myself, 12-step style. I am Cait, and I am trying to market my books.

I’m not special. I’m not successful (yet). I’m not anything other than one woman, trying to make a go of a writing career.

I am starting from scratch. I had nothing. I met Lori Culwell accidentally, and now, I have something. I’m a cheerfully-obsessed marketing guinea pig. I’m going step-by-step and trying to gear up for a book launch at the end of March.

A lot of the time, I want to cry at the sheer complexity and endless time-sucking demands and conflicting advice about marketing. Don’t even get me started about meta-stuff and widgets. Don’t. Even.

However, I am determined…and, I am treating this “writing career” like a small business. This isn’t just about writing, for me, it’s about building a long-term, sustainable and growing income that will provide for me and my family.

So, why should you bother following my story over the coming weeks when you have a lot of work to be doing yourself?


Misery loves company.

In all seriousness, I am going to tell it exactly like it is, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the things that drive you to drink sauvignon blanc at two o’clock in the afternoon.I will share any tips, tricks and pitfalls that I come across in the real world implementation of marketing strategies.

I am your comrade, your cheerleader, your clown and your cue.

See? My dog Denny Basenji. Isn’t he cute?

I have a really cute dog, and you’ll see pictures of him sometimes.

I have big plans. I spent a lot of time thinking and planning out a trajectory for my career. Every book is building to something, and this is the ground floor, Day One moment you get to share…and don’t you want to know how it’s going to turn out, if I can do it? Or will I slack? Will I fail? Will I give up? Will I triumph? Will I eventually be able to jump genres? There’s a lot of what if’s ahead, and even I don’t know the ending of the story.

But, if this is going to be a “Choose your own Adventure,” publishing-styles, I’m going to do the work and take the risks.

See you on page 214 where I will meet the strange man in the bazaar with the ruby-eyed cobra…

Come visit my brand new baby website – Cait Reynolds. Next week, you’ll learn how I managed to create it while curled up in the fetal position and whimpering.


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