Author Websites: Own Your Name!

Hey look!  I made good use of being snowed in, yet again.

As you might know, several weeks ago I sent out an email, asking for questions from authors with no experience (for a video tutorial series I’m working on). I got a lot of questions about domain names, so I decided to make the first tutorial about that!

This is my first video tutorial, ever, and it was actually much harder to make than I anticipated, so I’m glad I dedicated an entire (snow) day to writing the presentation, recording it, editing it, and getting it into YouTube.   I decided to capture the video of myself explaining the concept because it seemed less dry than just hearing a voice in a video, so we’ll see how everyone feels about that.   Also, please excuse the headset that is kind of making me look like an air traffic controller.  It was the best mic I could find (I ordered a better one, and it’s on the way).



In case you are totally inspired by this and want to go and buy your domain name right now, here are some coupons:

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