What is Your Launch Date?

By Katherine

In these days of self-publishing, there is one thing from the traditional publishing model I would like to encourage you to really consider – your launch date. In the old days (so, five years ago) there was always a launch date. This was the date your publisher negotiated with the bookstores that they would put your book in that cool special display they had made just for your book, at the very front of the store. If you were J.K. Rowling, people lined up the… Continue Reading

No Digital Version of Your Book? Why? WHY?

By Lori Culwell

I’ve encountered a strange phenomenon twice over the past two weeks, so I thought I would put it up here in case it helps even one person. The scenario is this:  author has book available for sale.  Author wants help promoting book.  I take a look at the listing and notice right away that said book is only available in hardcover/ paperback form.  I am also seeing this quite a bit on Amazon and wondering:   “Has no one told this author they don’t have… Continue Reading

How Not to Be an E-Hole: An Online Etiquette Refresher (Plus: Free eBook Download!)

By Lisa Hazen
How Not to Be an E-Hole Book

You know the saying that if you can’t find the asshole in the room, that it’s probably you? Well, the same logic applies to e-Holes. E-Holes are people who misuse, abuse, or annoy people through social media. And unfortunately, being an e-Hole is really easy to do. You may not even know if you’re being one. “There are a lot of accidental e-Holes,” says  Sarah Browne, author of How Not to be an E-Hole: The Inspired Irreverent Guide to Online Etiquette. “These are otherwise sincere… Continue Reading

Giveaways: Books, Bags and Balloons at BEA

By Katherine

As you may know if you follow this blog, some of us were at BEA last week. Lori covered her highest level takeaways here.  Our panel on Wednesday was standing room only, and we had some great participation and discussion afterwards. Yay us! That said, the main exhibit floor was a truly staggering and awesome temple to all things bookish. Especially print books. Books – This was my first BEA. I had been told about the huge number of books being given away, and I *thought*… Continue Reading

The Nuts and Bolts of the Goodreads Author Program

By Lisa Hazen

I have been an enthusiastic Goodreads user for more than two years now. I love connecting with other passionate readers and posting reviews of books in my queue. I’ve also discovered other beloved books I may not have found otherwise through site recommendations or the activity of the other users I follow. Not everyone is so excited about Goodreads. I know several authors who say they were unfairly bashed in reviews on the site. And there’s the whole deal with Amazon purchasing Goodreads. But the… Continue Reading

Amazon Book Reviews: Kindle Newsletter Gives Us New Insight

By Lori Culwell

Last week, Amazon sent out their Kindle Direct Publishing newsletter, and the self-publishing community has been abuzz ever since, mainly because of an article clarifying Amazon’s review policy. My co-contributor Katherine has written in-depth about Amazon’s seemingly variable review policy, and Amazon has a whole “Q & A Resource” section on reviews this month.   Here is my personal favorite Q/A: Q. Are authors allowed to review another author’s book? A. Yes. We very much welcome Customer Reviews from authors. However, if the author reviewing… Continue Reading

Introverted Authors as Extroverted Marketers: Finding the Happy Medium

By Lori Culwell

Here’s the thing—being an author and being an entrepreneur/ marketing type person are often antithetical pursuits.  We get it.  While you’re actually writing the book, you have to discipline yourself to be immune to distraction, to not talk to people, and to really be a total introvert for however long it takes to get that book finished.   This pursuit really suits some (ok, most) writers, as they tend to naturally be “quiet/ shy” types (not me or my co-contributors here, but most writers we have… Continue Reading

Finding Time for Social Media

By Lisa Hazen

There’s no question: networking with readers and media via social media is an essential piece of modern self-promotion. But it is also time-consuming. Many clients tell me that they feel completely overwhelmed (and turned off) by the different platforms to master, the time involved, not to mention the sustained (and earnest) communication with total strangers. When you break it down by platform, and make it a habit, the entire process is much more palatable. There are a lot of articles available with tips for how… Continue Reading

Authors and Marketing: Train Your Minds As You Train a Puppy!

By Lori Culwell

I have a new puppy, so you’ll forgive my wanting to see her life (and my life with her) as one big metaphor.  That’s how my mind works!   I thought I’d include a super-cute picture of her, just as eye candy. Here’s the scoop:  she is super adorable, her name is Lula, and she came from a death-row shelter in the south when she was a mere six weeks old (she’s now ten weeks and twice this size).  She is a mix of a… Continue Reading

How much does it cost to self-publish a book?

By Kelsye Nelson

Editor’s note: We have tried each and every one of these methods, and by far, our recommendation is that you learn to do this yourself. This is a skill that will allow you to publish multiple books (and you’re for sure going to write multiple books, as all writers do!) without having to incur the “barrier to entry” cost with each one. The more you publish, the greater your chances of succeeding with one title, which will pull all of the others up along with… Continue Reading