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Let me preface this piece by saying that this is not the authors to follow on Twitter list, it is merely my personal list. The following 10 people are authors who I think are nailing it on Twitter—whether it is how they use the medium for self-promotion, a way to share their lives beyond their writing, or sheer entertainment value. If you aren’t already following these folks, consider adding them to your list.

Who are your favorite authors on Twitter? Share them below in the comments.

Paulo Coelho
There’s no shortage of snark and sarcasm on Twitter, but finding content that is truly uplifting and inspirational in the space of 140 characters is rare. Author Paulo Coelho masters this craft on Twitter the same way he did in the books that made him one of the world’s best-selling and beloved authors.

Judy Blume

Judy Blume is one of the first authors I remember connecting with as an early reader. Years later, I still find it personally thrilling to have a window into her world through Twitter. She jumped into the medium headfirst with guileless commentary on both her personal and professional life that will further endear her to readers of all ages.

John Green

If you are already a fan of John Green’s books (as I am) there is something delightful about following him on Twitter. The way he offers insight and commentary on current events, and shares relevant stories from his own personal life both informs the approach he takes with his novels and adds depth to them.

Neil Gaiman

When it comes to the world of authors on Twitter, Neil Gaiman pretty much owns it. He has nearly two million followers, and it’s clear he keeps up on those who connect with him via Twitter, judging from the rapid interaction with followers you find on his site. He has mastered so many mediums—fiction, comic books, novels, and screenplays—it’s natural that he would be a great Twitter follow.

RL Stine

Author RL Stine writes creepy stories for kids—he’s perhaps best known for the Goosebumps series. RL masterfully uses Twitter for self-promotion and to connect with fans. Anyone who enjoys creepy novels—young or old—will enjoy his Twitter feed.

Kelly Oxford

Her Twitter account is what helped her sell her irreverent collection of essays Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar to It Books. Proving that you can translate Twitter wit to the printed page (and Twitter followers to book-buying readers), the book promptly became a best-seller shortly after publication.

Maureen Johnson

Maureen Johnson has been deemed the “Queen of Teen”, having published wildly popular 10 young adult novels. Her Tweets are engaging and prolific, a nice balance of the requisite self-promotion and window into the author’s personal life behind the books.

Margaret Atwood

Prolific novelist and author Margaret Atwood has more than 40 books under her belt and is the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Booker Award. It’s thrilling to see a writer that is as established as she is embrace the Twitter so fully. You’ll find her sharing personal stories, engaging with followers and promoting her work.

Ruth Reichl

Former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl brings her passionate love of food and cooking together in her engaging Tweets. If you love food and you love books (check and check!), chances are you are going to love following Ruth on Twitter.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Amy is the quirky author of some of my (and my children’s) favorite books. She is funny and engaging in her Twitter account, a nice balance of self promotion and independent content.

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