What is Search Engine Optimization? Why Do You Care?

I believe I promised you all (the readers of this site) that I would be totally honest with you about what worked, what did not work, and when something REALLY did not work.   One of those times is upon us, when I tell you about something I did that not only did not work, but that did not work in such a spectacular way, I am shaking my head about it even now.    Let me tell you a little about it so you can share my shame.   You know, like a Greek f*#cking tragedy.

OK, so– about ten days ago I participated in a “Book Launch” event for my friend Rachel Thompson’s excellent “30 Day Marketing Challenge” book.

I am sad to say that MY particular performance at that launch event was less than excellent, sadly.   I had never done a launch using a Facebook Event as the platform, and I was nervous that my DSL-based internet connection was going to create a delay (it did!  big surprise!), plus I was concerned that the information I was supposed to be presenting (“Fundamentals of SEO”) really demanded a linear, step-by-step structure to make sense (this just in– it did!  People were totally not getting it!).     I hear the event was a big success, which is great, but I would not know that because I was confused and stressed out and then my internet crashed and the whole thing was literally like the internet and social media version of the Titanic (on my end, at least).    So, if you were there and witnessed the slow-motion sinking of my sanity, I apologize.

The thing is, I REALLY wanted to give that presentation, because I have recently come to the conclusion that actually, authors make the best SEO people, and I want to encourage any author who needs a side-hustle while they are getting their books off the ground to learn SEO and do it.  I’m serious!   Being a good writer is actually something that is rare in the SEO world, and I wish that more authors would get over the technical hurdles and get into the profession, because tech-savvy internet marketing types that happen to be SUPER CRAPPY WRITERS are by far the predominance of people who do SEO.  I would apologize to people who do SEO, but most of them know they are crappy writers, so this would not be news to them.

Also men.   There are alot of men who are SEOs and crappy writers.  So, if you are a woman and a good writer, this field is definitely open to you, and I think you should put your tech-phobias aside and start learning it, because I promise you that you can make money doing SEO if you are a good writer, and writers need to write all the time anyway to stay in practice, so what’s a little more writing, right?

With that in mind, I have created this in-depth presentation to try to lay out for you WHAT exactly SEO is, and why you should be doing it, not only for your books/ blog/ website, but for clients.  Because more women need to be doing SEO, and I think if there were more women doing it, more woman-owned businesses would use it, and their businesses would be more successful, and then women would have more money and be able to do whatever we wanted.    Because, oh my God, Donald Trump.

I don’t have a book or coursework or anything about this, and in fact, I was going to try to gauge the interest level in something like that during my presentation so I could create some free coursework, but that sadly did not turn out the way I planned.  So– here is that presentation, and I hope you will let me know if SEO is a thing you would want to learn, so I can tailor the educational offering accordingly.   Also, if you have a book launch and you are using a Facebook event to do that launch, I can pretty much guarantee you do NOT want to invite me to be a part of that.   Because wow.


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