My Google Authorship Experience, Continued

Back in February, if you’ll recall, a smart friend told me that I should verify my Authorship through Google, that this was very important, and that the whole process had taken her approximately four weeks so I’d better get right on that.

I agreed, and put the steps in motion that very day, in fact.  If you’re keeping track, it is now mid-April, and I am still waiting for my “approval” email from The Big G. In case you’re just joining this discussion, Google Authorship is when your little picture shows up next to your name when someone Googles you and stuff you’ve written appears.


So far, in pursuit of the (elusive) Google Authorship status, I have linked my Google Plus profile to my website and my blog (and vice versa), have verified ownership of both the domain and the email that goes with it, have submitted (and re-submitted) the domain, have written “by Lori Culwell” on more pieces of content than I would care to admit, and even posted a message in this forum about what, if anything, I could possibly be missing.

This is mysterious to me. Google knows who I am, and readily serves up all of my writing, my
 Huffington Post byline, and my Amazon Author Central listing with all of my books.

I don’t know how I can verify my Lori Culwell-ness anymore than I already have, and yet, here I am, eight weeks later, still waiting, staring at code until my head falls off.   I’m not sure if I can adequately express my frustration, except to say that I’m glad to be an example to get you motivated to start the process, because your Journey to Authorship might (like mine) be a
long one, and I want to give you something to look back on when you’re ready to
bang your head on your desk and tell  you that this kind of thing can absolutely ruin your day, and that I feel your pain.   This is why we have a section called “The Lab,” so we can show that we face the same challenges you face.

Stay tuned– I will let you know if/ when I am finally Google “legit!”


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