Introverted Authors as Extroverted Marketers: Finding the Happy Medium

Sad businesswomanHere’s the thing—being an author and being an entrepreneur/ marketing type person are often antithetical pursuits.  We get it.  While you’re actually writing the book, you have to discipline yourself to be immune to distraction, to not talk to people, and to really be a total introvert for however long it takes to get that book finished.   This pursuit really suits some (ok, most) writers, as they tend to naturally be “quiet/ shy” types (not me or my co-contributors here, but most writers we have encountered).

This sets up something of an author’s conundrum.  Once you’re done writing the book, you need to completely switch gears and becoming an outgoing, entrepreneurial marketing-type person who talks about themselves, promotes their own book, and so on.  This is WAY outside the comfort zone of most (introverted) authors.

So—what to do?  In order to make a living writing books, you need to not only write the books, but you need people to actually buy them.   To make this dream a reality, you will need to develop some kind of marketing plan.   Some writers are too shy/ introverted/ adverse to self-promotion to engage in social media of any kind.  They feel overwhelmed and unnatural about blogging (as if they are somehow pimping themselves out), and they most certainly do not want to call up radio producers, send press releases, or do book signings.   In fact, talking about any or all of these things is often enough to drive some authors to tears of overwhelm and frustration.

We get it.   Self-promotion and marketing can be overwhelming, but you must start somewhere.   Most authors find they are naturally good at having conversations (or at least talking about their areas of expertise or passion).   So, after your website is set up properly (on your own domain, with some “About Me” copy, some samples of your writing, and a way to capture email addresses), make a daily goal to go out and have a conversation with a new person.  This could be on Twitter, or, if that’s too much pressure, go to , find a group that fits your area of interest, and start participating.

Chop chop!  Those books aren’t going to sell themselves!   Now that you know we’re on your side, please (please!) take a step in the right direction!


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