Importance of SEO and Metatagging, Part 1 by Lori Culwell

Part I:  Keyword Research

If you’re a writer, you write all the time, right?   You’ve got your book (or books) out, you’re updating a blog on a regular basis, and you’ve got some kind of social media presence, and your website is up to date.
These are the things I’m assuming you have, because they are the basics you need to be a writer in 2013.  Writers are creative types, but they also need to be organized.  I wrote a whole book that walks writers through doing this, step by step.   However you get there, you need to have some kind of network going where people can get to know your writing, buy your work (if you have some to sell), and get in touch with you to offer you multi-million dollar book deals.
The bulk of the work is going to be done by you.  Today, I’m just going to tell you about a couple of things you could (should) be doing to make it more possible for people to find your work.
As a writer and a computer nerd, part of what I do is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  I like to explain this field by simply saying that search = demand, and content (writing) = supply.   It is my job to connect you with places where you might find examples of what people ARE ACTUALLY SEARCHING FOR, so that you may respond accordingly.  Maybe this means you will write articles or blog posts that contain those keywords.  Maybe you will just use this information to be a little better informed about what people want, and this will help you think of topics (for books) that will catch on.   Maybe you will just look at the lists of keywords and find them interesting, then go back to your writing.   However you use them is fine, really!
This post is part of a series that I did for the IndieReCon conference back in February.   Here is the rest!

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