How to Get More Twitter Followers

Get More Twitter FollowersThere are LOTS of ways to get more Twitter followers these days. Heck, you can even buy them (not that I recommend it)!

I think the bigger question is: how do I connect with targeted readers on Twitter?

  1. Keywords. This is a term that scares people. Well, man up. It’s simple: what do you write about? What are your interests? Say you’re a nonfiction writer with a passion for vintage birdcages. Boom – two keywords right there: nonfiction and vintage birdcages. Enter those terms in Search.
  1. Search. One of the best ways to find targeted followers is to use Twitter Search – that little bar at the top of your page. Type in terms like: book blogger, book reviewer, nonfiction, etc. (or with a hashtag #bookblogger, #bookreviewer, #nonfiction – try both ways) is easy and effective.

Twitter also has an Advanced Search function. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in regular search, try there.

  1. Applications. I adore ManageFlitter because not only can I clear out nonfollowbacks, eggs, and nevertweeteds, I can also follow people using their search function, which allows for both an Account Search and a Tweet Search.

Why do I love it so? Because I can unfollow 100 people all at once. I can also follow 100 people all at once. What a huge timesaver! (And it allows for multiple accounts, which is convenient if you have more than one Twitter stream like I do.)

I also use Pluggio. It has this very cool feature where you set it to follow certain keywords and it works 24/7 to find you relevant followers. TweetAdder also does something similar.

There are many options to follow/unfollow. Google and see which application you like the best.

  1. RT others. RT (aka retweet for Muggles) means you’ve taken the time to share someone’s stuff. It takes only seconds and makes you an immediate friend.
  1. Hashtags. Facebook users are still scratching their heads as to why we tweeps use the number sign in front of words. But if you’re on Twitter, use of a hashtag creates a hyperlink to whatever it is that you’ve attached to the number sign. So what? Here’s what: hashtags allow you to join in the conversation. What conversation? Who knows?

Here’s an example: on Valentine’s Day eve this year, I came across a hashtag: #candyheartrejects. In a flurry, I typed:

It’s not me. It’s you. #candyheartrejects.

It’s now been RTd over 100 times and I gained a bunch of new followers. So, that’s what.

  1. Handle, bio, header, and background. Handle is your Twitter name (you have only 15 characters). Make it easy. Pick a great shot. Show us, in your 160-character bio, that you’re interesting (don’t tell us – snore), create a colorful header and background. Even if nobody knows you, these send nonverbals that sell you. Brand yourself, not your book.
  1. Interact! It’s social media, not one-way broadcasting media. Don’t be that guy.

Please share your thoughts!


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