How can I use a personal website for book promotions and marketing?

author mediaYour personal website is the center of your marketing campaign. It is the one place where you can corral all of your latest blogs or articles, offer your books for sale, and have people sign up for more information or contact you for interviews. All author websites, whether starting from scratch with a brand new one or dusting off an old one, should include: your name, your book (with a clickable image that goes right to the online bookseller where you can buy it), your picture, a way to capture people’s email addresses (you want to stay in touch with all of your  fans, right?) and your writing – which can either be blog posts or examples of your articles, stories, etc. Blogging is highly encouraged, as it keeps you in constant contact with your readers. A blog entry can be anything from a couple hundred word blurb about a book related topic to a photo with a caption. And of course if any other blog mentions you or your book, that’s another great thing to post on your blog as well.


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