The Weekly Wrap-Up

By Lori Culwell

I know!  It’s totally ironic that I am posting a “Weekly Wrap Up” on Monday, but didn’t it seem like everyone in the world took the rest of the week off after the 4th of July last week?  That’s what it seemed like to me, at least.

I have been working simultaneously on five websites, so it was ironic when I saw this article go by in my feed reader:

What Multitasking Does to Our Brains

Basically, the guys from Buffer (a great program, in case you don’t know about it) wrote up what you THINK you’re doing when you’re multi-tasking, and what your brain is actually doing.  The difference is startling.

The comments are also very interesting, where the readers weigh in on strategies that they use to stay productive and to keep themselves from multi-tasking.  I notice that the “single browser window” method is often mentioned.  I find this one to be really challenging myself, but I DO use a few of the other methods discussed.  For one, I do refrain from checking social media while I am working on projects, and I don’t leave social media open all the time (or even the notifications), because I (like anyone) am too inclined to be fooled by the false urgency of such an immeditate medium and get sucked into conversations.   I have also been inclined to take a laptop, park in a grocery store parking lot, and lock myself in the back of my car until I have produced enough words.   No mercy!

Also, in publishing news, I have now heard about ANOTHER author turning down the opportunity to work with Big Publishing America because they just were not willing to subject themselves to the long wait, the low commission, and the seeming digital ineptitude of the big publishing houses.  It does seem like the last bastion is going to be distribution—once we can do that for ourselves, I predict that more and more already-published authors will go in the indie direction. I don’t think it would be good politics to name that author, but let’s just say he is famous and leave it at that so he’ll keep talking to me.

In “My indie cage match challenge for Kristine Kathryn Rusch” news, please refer back to this post and read the comments— both KKR and Suw Charmon-Anderson from Forbes responded favorably, and KKR said she’d be willing to do an interview.   I’m compiling questions now, and would love your input.  Please email me at info @ bookpromotion . com if you have one to add.      In case you didn’t follow that last paragraph, basically I challenged Kristine Kathryn Rusch to put a book out under a pen name, do no promotion on it, and see how it sold.  She replied that she’s already done this, and I would like to know more about the methods she used.



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