Have You Thanked Your Readers Lately?

By Kathy Meis

With Thanksgiving coming this Thursday, it seems a fitting time to ask, “Have you said thank you to your readers and supporters lately?”

Often we feel grateful, but fail to express it. We tell ourselves, “Of course, they [insert: husband, friend, family member, reader, supporter] know I appreciate them!” Well, maybe they don’t. Better to play it safe and DO something to show your gratitude.

Here are three simple ways to show gratitude to your readers and supporters:

Create something exclusive – Write your readers and supporters a special thank you note and email it to them. Create a fun download just for them (book mark, short story, discount coupon for your next book). Make a thank you video. Create a private page with exclusive “extras” just for them.

Tell the rest of the world why your readers are special – This is what we’re doing at Bublish this year. Our blog post tomorrow (Wednesday) will be a tribute to all the members of our community. They’ve helped us in countless ways, and we want everyone to know how much we appreciate them. If you’re not a blogger, you can do a thank you post on the social networks you use. Another idea is to build a “gratitude” page on your website where you can spotlight readers who go above and beyond to help spread the word about your work.

Give something back – Take the time to support those who support you. Like and share their social posts, comment on their blogs, support their projects. This sounds simple, but it takes time…precious time. When you’re writing, promoting and doing everything else that life demands, it’s easy to forget or delay efforts to give back. To prevent this from happening, schedule a time each week just for gratitude. It might be a day, an afternoon, or even an hour. If it’s in your weekly planner, it’s much more likely to happen.

If you want to build a community of readers who support you and your work, gratitude is an essential, year-round practice. Thanksgiving is just a useful annual reminder of its importance. As Thornton Wilder once said, “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”

If you have thanked your readers lately, kudos to you! Let us know how you did it in the comments section.

Kathy Meis is founder and president of the social book discovery platform Bublish. She is a professional writer, editor and editorial manager with more than twenty years of experience in the media and publishing industries. Kathy was also a founding editor of Forbes MediaCritic and is a founding partner of PubSmart, a new author-centric publishing conference being held in Charleston, South Carolina this spring. She also ghostwrites business books and is a frequent blogger on the subject of book promotion, author branding, social media and discoverability. In 2012, Kathy won the People’s Choice Award at the Startup Showcase at O’Reilly’s Tools of Change Publishing Conference.