Letters from the Real World: Beginning as I mean to go on

By Cait Reynolds

So, here I am. I’ve got a book that is signed, sealed, and done. It has been edited and proofread. We have a blurb. We have a cover. My baby is now in the tender hands of the layout artists, and I will have an official release date soon, but I know it’s going to be in May. In some ways, this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting to share with you since I started writing for BookPromotion.com. This is my first book as myself,… Continue Reading

Author Marketing Series: Hosting!

By Lori Culwell

In this video, I talk about the types of hosting you need if you are an author trying to market your website and books. Now with music!!

Letters from the Real World: It’s all in your head. Really.

By Cait Reynolds

I need a vacation. Seriously. I’m not even two months into my career as a full-time writer, and I’m exhausted. I am working seven days a week, ten hours a day, and the rest of that time, I’m thinking and worrying. I swear, I haven’t sweated work like this since the late 90’s dot com era, when you couldn’t go to lunch because you might miss a paradigm shift. There are times when I’m trying to format a blog post, and the thing just won’t… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: Hello. I’m just like you.

By Cait Reynolds

Let me introduce myself, 12-step style. I am Cait, and I am trying to market my books. I’m not special. I’m not successful (yet). I’m not anything other than one woman, trying to make a go of a writing career. I am starting from scratch. I had nothing. I met Lori Culwell accidentally, and now, I have something. I’m a cheerfully-obsessed marketing guinea pig. I’m going step-by-step and trying to gear up for a book launch at the end of March. A lot of the… Continue Reading

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

By Kathy Meis

We do it to ourselves every year. The list of New Year’s resolutions is loaded up with high expectations and multiple goals — sell a million books, lose a million pounds, run a million miles. You know the drill. Optimism rules. It feels good. But what if this new year, you let go of outcomes and committed to a process of daily and weekly disciplines that would help you become successful. What would that look like and where would it take you? Start by quantifying your… Continue Reading

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

By Kathy Meis

  ‘Twas the night before Christmas And under the trees… E-readers were charging With empty libraries. Book lovers were sleeping With dreams in their head… In hopes that tomorrow They could download in bed. The challenge of what they would download was tough! Were the authors prepared to offer discounts and stuff? The readers are waiting, so the question becomes Are you ready for the post-Christmas surge when it comes? Okay, so I’m not a poet! I just wanted to have a bit of holiday… Continue Reading

The Promotional Power of Book Samples

By Kathy Meis
Bookstats data report doesn't deliver

Since publishing gatekeepers no longer control all of the channels into the book marketplace, a record number of new books are being published. This means readers have a much greater selection to choose from, which is wonderful. However, it also means readers have to sort through quite a hodge podge when it comes to quality. A reader’s time is precious and he or she not only has an incredible selection of books to choose from, but many other forms of entertainment at their fingertips as… Continue Reading

Engage Readers with Holiday Storytelling

By Kathy Meis

Everyone has holiday stories. The bizarre gift from crazy Aunt Edna. The discovered present that ruined the surprise. The thoughtful gift that took your breath away. Hard times. Good times. Strange times. Every holiday season brings new experiences and stories. We share these stories at cocktail parties, over coffee, at work and at the bus stop. But have you ever thought about sharing these stories with readers? Here’s why stories are powerful tools for marketing your book: stories are told in your voice – in… Continue Reading

Put a Little Heart in Your Book Promotion

By Kathy Meis

StoryCorps, the independent oral history project that airs on National Public Radio, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The organization’s mission is simple, “provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.” These are not stories about famous people. It’s the powerful stories of everyday folk that the producers at StoryCorps want told. If you’re going to listen to StoryCorps, get out the tissues. These stories – which can be sad, inspirational, uplifting, frightening, brutally… Continue Reading

Digital Assets for Authors

By Kathy Meis

What is a digital asset and why do authors need them? A digital asset is any form of content and/or media that has been formatted for digital consumption and is accompanied by the rights to use it. For authors, digital books are their primary digital assets. An author’s photos, videos and blog posts are also digital assets. Today’s 24/7 social mobile world has created a huge demand for digital assets, especially the highly visual sort like photos and videos. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and… Continue Reading