Letters from the Real World: Me. Dot com.

By Cait Reynolds

Have you ever seen a movie where there’s a monotone voiceover for a prisoner in a lonely dungeon? That’s what was going through my head as I tried to set up my new website. “Hour one. Found GoDaddy.com. Typed name and found it available. I am suspicious of how easy this is. I am in constant fear of making a mistake and somehow ending up owner of Thumbtumblies.com or other nonsense.” “Hour two. Have secured caitreynolds.com after intense debate over how many years of ownership to buy…. Continue Reading

Author Websites: Own Your Name!

By Lori Culwell

Hey look!  I made good use of being snowed in, yet again. As you might know, several weeks ago I sent out an email, asking for questions from authors with no experience (for a video tutorial series I’m working on). I got a lot of questions about domain names, so I decided to make the first tutorial about that! This is my first video tutorial, ever, and it was actually much harder to make than I anticipated, so I’m glad I dedicated an entire (snow)… Continue Reading