Social Media for Authors: Get in there and prove them wrong!

By Lori Culwell

As you might know,’s founder, Lori Culwell, has written for the Huffington Post, BlogHer, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and other publications.   Here is a Huffington Post article that focuses on the topic of authors and social media (and gives you even more evidence as to why you should really hire us to work with your website and social media presence):


I think if there’s one trait about me that has served me the best while at the same time annoying the most people, it is that I will absolutely not tolerate being told that I cannot do something. “No” is the one word that makes me almost pathologically have to find a way, if for no other reason than to go back to the original nay-sayer and proclaim “See! It could be done — you just lacked the vision!”

Yes, it is richly ironic that I chose to be a writer and yet I find rejection so odious. I get it.

Now you’re wondering how this applies to you.   Read the whole article>>


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