Review: Sell More Kindle Books: 12 Master Book Marketing Systems Revealed

Reviewed By Lori Culwell

So, I’m writing this review, which is of a book called “Sell More Kindle Books:  12 Master Book Marketing Systems Reviewed.”   Basically this is a review of a book that reviews courses on how to sell books, which I think is very “meta,” if you will.   I promised to tell you if I found anything interesting in the world of book marketing and promotion, and I think this book serves a very important purpose, so I wanted to just quickly tell you about it here.

Here’s the thing—if you write and sell Kindle books, you have probably encountered one of the marketing “systems” the author reviews (there are 12 of them), and just by reading this one inexpensive eBook to see if the system you’re considering is worthwhile, you can save yourself hours of hassle and hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, which I think is a totally valuable time and money saver.

Another thing I like about this book is that the author also includes practical ways to increase your sales and the basics of publishing and marketing books for Kindle, so you’re left with practical steps once you’ve learned about all the “systems” that you should (or should not) be investing in.  I will mention, William Cory (the author) and I have many of the same pieces of advice (like “build your email list!), but maybe you’ll take the advice if you hear it from multiple people, right?   Hey, if something he says gets you to actually start collecting emails and/ or putting work into your marketing, then I’m all for it.

My verdict:  get this book and read it if you are even remotely considering investing in one of the courses/ systems he covers.  The book is clear and helpful, I really like his writing, and I really like seeing  the systems (like “Number One Book System, Kindle Mind Control, Apex Authors, and Kindle Marketing Magic ) laid out with letter grades.   I give this book an A.


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