Letters from the Real World: Camp NaNoWriMo

By Cait Reynolds

I have been doing every single National Novel Writing Month event for about eight years now. NaNoWriMo (as it’s called) has expanded from just November to include a “Camp” in April and a “Camp” in July. The differences between November NaNoWriMo and Camp are that you can set your own word goal for Camp and you get an online “cabin” with cabin mates that you can live chat with. Now, here’s the funny part: I’ve never, ever, ever ‘won’ a NaNoWriMo event. Ever. But I… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: Um, don’t forget to write.

By Cait Reynolds

I know. It sounds silly. But, trust me, it’s an easy, easy trap to fall into, just like the clearance rack at Marshall’s. I emerged from the writing cave at the end of January with my book, and then I hit the panic button and began to build my social media empire (cue megalomaniacal laughter). Then I went to the AWP ’14 conference and came home with a lot of really wonderful opportunities to write creative nonfiction pieces and get myself out there. Then, I’ve… Continue Reading

Book Marketing Series: Reputation Management!

By Lori Culwell

Today we’re covering one of my favorite topics: reputation management! That is to say, “Do you like what you see when you Google yourself?” If not, or if this has never occurred to you, today we’ll get started with the first batch of sites you’ll need to have in order to control your Google results.

Booktrack: Creating Soundtracks for Books

By Lisa Hazen

Depending on who you ask, integrating digital content into e-books is either an exciting development that will vastly enhance the reader’s experience or a needless distraction that diminishes the medium. A service getting a lot of attention is Booktrack—a content creation and distribution platform that adds a synchronized soundtrack to an e-book or other digital text based on an individual’s reading speed. Music, sound effects, and other audio are recorded separately and then paced specifically to the user’s reading pace. Booktrack says it is “transforming… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: Do you have a 3-year plan?

By Cait Reynolds

Do you? I do. That’s one of the first things I worked on before I decided to step out as a full-time author. I realized that I needed a business plan. Author marketing was a major chunk of the plan, but I wanted to create a career trajectory that was grounded in sales and would lead to growth opportunities. Here’s the kicker, though: just how do you write a 3-year business plan for books? I started by reading. Weeks of reading. Reading while commuting on… Continue Reading

Email Marketing for Authors: How to Not Spam Your Friends!

By Lori Culwell

Oh yes, I’m back with a new video.   I have a new microphone, new intro music, and my overall message is shorter and more to the point.  CHECK IT OUT! Today we’re talking about how to properly email market without bugging your friends.  Do you do this?  Does someone you know do it?  Feel free to send them over to this post so that I can set them straight.  🙂 )

Letters from the Real World: Tired? Stressed? Make a list. Make it twice.

By Cait Reynolds

So, I’m heading into my fourth week of this brave new world of author marketing. In the spirit of full disclosure and solidarity, here’s exactly how I’m feeling: Overwhelmed by just how much there is STILL to do before my book comes out Stressed by how little time there seems to do it in, even working seven days a week Barely holding at bay every author’s deep-seated fears of being found to be a worthless hack Frantic because my ADHD-riddled brain is full of ideas… Continue Reading

Author Marketing Series: Hosting!

By Lori Culwell

In this video, I talk about the types of hosting you need if you are an author trying to market your website and books. Now with music!!

Interview With a Book Blogger: Amber from Me, MyShelf, and I

By Lori Culwell

 You guys!   Some time ago, I interviewed my friend Amber Sweeney from the awesome book blog “Me, My Shelf and I.”   I was positive I put the interview up, but now I’m not so sure (and I can’t find it anywhere in the archive), so I’m posting it today.   It has so much good insight, I really want everyone to see it.  So, before you submit to a single book blog, be sure to read this entire interview.   Amber lays down… Continue Reading