Importance of SEO and Metatagging Part 2 by Lori Culwell

By Lori Culwell

SEO and Metatagging Part II:  Where to Put Keywords! Now that you’ve done your keyword research (and wasn’t it so interesting?), you’ll need to go back and put these keywords into your website so that the search engines will associate your site with these words, with the ultimate goal of having your site pop up when people Google those words.  The words are the demand, your site is the supply.  Got it?   These instructions are for people with sites based on WordPress, which gives… Continue Reading

Importance of SEO and Metatagging, Part 1 by Lori Culwell

By Lori Culwell

Part I:  Keyword Research If you’re a writer, you write all the time, right?   You’ve got your book (or books) out, you’re updating a blog on a regular basis, and you’ve got some kind of social media presence, and your website is up to date. These are the things I’m assuming you have, because they are the basics you need to be a writer in 2013.  Writers are creative types, but they also need to be organized.  I wrote a whole book that walks writers… Continue Reading

Facebook Increases Friend Limit– This Does Not Give You an Invitation to Market There

By Lori Culwell

I recently noticed and maybe you have as well (or maybe not, if you don’t pay attention to stuff like this), Facebook seems to be lifting their limitation on the number of “friends” one person can have on a profile. In case you’re still confused about “Facebook Profile” vs. “Facebook Fan Page,” here is a handy guide from Facebook themselves. Here’s how to tell the difference:  you’ll know you have a Facebook Profile (meant for personal use) if: someone has to friend request you (and… Continue Reading

Interview with Jerry G. Davis, author/ photographer

By Lori Culwell

Q:  Nice job on your website!   Were you always this organized, or has it evolved over the years? A:  I would have to say it evolved in the truest sense of the word. I kept trying things to see what worked, what didn’t, and ended up where I’m at now … and then come to find out I’m now doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. But it was all trial and error for me. Q:  Who made your website?   How many… Continue Reading

How to Market a Book

By Lori Culwell

Hey, did you know we have a whole book on marketing books?   It’s called (no irony) How to Market a Book, and many people have already used it to help build their author platforms and get their work out there. Whether you’ve recently self-published, have just gotten a book deal with a big publisher, your book is out, or anywhere in between, you probably know one thing—you need a website, and you need to be promoting yourself on a regular basis on social media…. Continue Reading

Interview with a Book Blogger: Beckie from Bittersweet Enchantment!

By Lori Culwell

Today I’m talking to Beckie from Bittersweet Enchantment, a great book blog that covers fantasy, romance, chick lit, supernatural, paranormal romance ,steampunk, dystopia, urban fantasy, horror, mythology and contemporary YA. We cover book bloggers quite extensively in “How to Market a Book,” and one of the things I’ve always wondered was just how many queries those bloggers get per week, and of that, how many of them are properly researched. Beckie reviewed my YA novel “The Dirt” last month, and she was so nice, I… Continue Reading

Review: Turning Pro (Steven Pressfield)

Reviewed By Lori Culwell

A few weeks ago I read Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield, who also happens to be my new BFF who I had the pleasure of having breakfast with last week (more on that later, believe me).  One of the things I like most about this book is that Pressfield doesn’t soft-pedal his advice at all:  basically, he’s the honeybadger of writing coaches:  Ohh, are you whining about how you have writer’s block and how ‘the muse’ hasn’t visited you lately?  Much like the honeybadger, Steven Pressfield doesn’t… Continue Reading

The Weekly Wrap-Up

By Lori Culwell

I know!  It’s totally ironic that I am posting a “Weekly Wrap Up” on Monday, but didn’t it seem like everyone in the world took the rest of the week off after the 4th of July last week?  That’s what it seemed like to me, at least. I have been working simultaneously on five websites, so it was ironic when I saw this article go by in my feed reader: What Multitasking Does to Our Brains Basically, the guys from Buffer (a great program, in… Continue Reading

This Week in Publishing, and My Challenge to Kristine Kathryn Rusch

By Lori Culwell

I try to give you updates from the publishing industry every week that might actually make a difference to you in your book sales and promotion, so this week, I should be thinking and talking about things like how/ why Barnes & Noble is inexplicably opening four new stores. (did they magically discover how to incentivize my reading eBooks in their cafe? I’m dying to know!). I also could be telling you that there is a new WordPress hack going around that I had to… Continue Reading

This Week in Publishing/ Internet Marketing: Riffle, Kindle, more price wars, and some hosting recommendations

By Lori Culwell

So, what’s going on in publishing this week?   I should correct that to say “What’s going on in publishing that I actually care about this week?” It is 400 bazillion degrees in New York this week, and as such, everyone is cranky and everything is taking longer. For instance, even this blog post took longer, as this theme decided that it no longer wanted to recognize carriage returns, so I had to go all old-school and hand-write some hard returns so that it wouldn’t be… Continue Reading