No Digital Version of Your Book? Why? WHY?

By Lori Culwell

Ebook reader - Amazon KindleI’ve encountered a strange phenomenon twice over the past two weeks, so I thought I would put it up here in case it helps even one person.

The scenario is this:  author has book available for sale.  Author wants help promoting book.  I take a look at the listing and notice right away that said book is only available in hardcover/ paperback form.  I am also seeing this quite a bit on Amazon and wondering:   “Has no one told this author they don’t have a digital version?”  This is usually the lingering result of having self published before a digital edition was included in the package, or as part of a book reverting back to the author from a publisher.  It also could be due to the author simply not knowing the ins and outs of digital publishing, so they get their book into whatever kind of sellable form they can, then give up.

Here’s the thing– ebooks are here to stay, so you’re going to have to face the music when it comes to getting your traditional books into digital form.   If someone wants to buy your book right now, don’t stand in their way!

To this end, we’re going to do a little series on the different ways to self-publish digital books.  We’ll cover Kindle, Nook Press, Kobo, Smashwords, and anything else that comes to our attention that we think can help you get a digital version of your book out into the world.

In case you’re still resisting, here are some reasons to bite the bullet and pull your eBook together.

1.  eBooks are an additional stream of revenue.   If you don’t have a digital version of any (or all) of your book, you are simply missing out on a revenue stream of people who only want to read books on their eReaders.

2.  More bang for your buck by doubling platforms.   Look, you spent all that effort writing the book and getting it out there in paperback/ hardcover form, you can essentially double the points of entry for buying that book.   Short of writing another book, how often can you say that?   I guarantee it will take less effort to digitize a book you’ve already written than it will to write a whole new one.

3.  It’s much easier than you think (especially the second and third time).   Once you pick a format and learn it, you might be tempted to ONLY publish books digitally.   Just be sure you allow yourself to get through the “frustration factor” of the first time through.

If you have a book that you know needs to go digital, get the process started without delay!    Dig up the “final” Word version of that book, request the finalized pdf from your publisher (assuming you hold the digital rights), or, worst case scenario, hire someone to re-type that sucker into Word form (or do it yourself).  You owe it to yourself to give your writing a digital chance, so take the first step today!