How to Market a Book, v 2.0 is Here!

By Lori Culwell

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 5.49.33 PMAs you can see from the title, this post is going to be about a book written by contributors to this site, so if you’re here for straight-up free social media tips and book news, totally click the links at the bottom to go to another article!

Here’s the deal:  last year, awesome Booktrope CMO Katherine Sears and I wrote a book on book marketing called “How to Market a Book.”   I know, that sentence sounded like one that would be written by a person who was trying to keyword stuff their website, which I am actually not trying to do– that is a real description!

What’s funny is that we worked for almost a year on the first version, and in the year since it came out, so much changed, we ended up changing, adding, and updating a bunch of stuff, so it’s like a whole new book!   If you bought it before, do not worry– you will be able to download the update for free, no problem.  If you haven’t bought it yet, now is a great time, as all the info is fresh and piping hot, and I know you keep meaning to get started with your marketing.

How do I know this?   Because I get emails almost every day from people, asking “Where should I start with my marketing?” and when I answer them, they usually either swear or cry.   This book is a concerted effort to head off that crying at the pass, to get you working on (and comfortable with) your marketing as a part of your everyday business life as an author.   You can do it, and this book will help you!