Free Promotional Tools For Authors

By Rachel Thompson

There are any number of great tools available to help authors market our books — many are low-cost or even free. Here are two of my favorites:

Authorgraph authorgraph logoand BookBuzzr signupBtn

Let’s deconstruct.


From Digital Book World: For authors, signatures and short handwritten greetings are ways to thank loyal readers and gain new ones. “Book signing lets authors and readers connect directly,” said Evan Jacobs, creator of Authorgraph.

Founded in 2011 by software/app developer Evan Jacobs in order to create a way for an author to sign an eBook:

I really enjoy reading and I also enjoy meeting the authors of my favorite books. One time, during the summer of 2010, I attended an author reading in Seattle. After the author had read a section of his book, he invited everyone to come up and have their books signed.

I had the author’s book on my Kindle and I felt awkward since I didn’t have anything for him to sign. In May of 2011, I built the first version of this service to enable authors and readers to interact through digital books. Note: this service was orignally called Kindlegraph before I changed the name to Authorgraph in November 2012.

I think I might have been one of Evan’s early adapters, as I signed up the second I heard about it after the publication of my first book, A Walk In The Snark in early 2011. It’s a free service for both authors and readers, and no Kindle is required for a reader to request a signature, or for the author to deliver it.

Go over to the site, create a free account, add in your books, cover image, a few author details, and viola! Done. Evan has added an easy to use widget you can add to your website or Facebook tabs, and you can even add anthologies or samplers. Evan has made it easy to share your authorgraphs on social media (Facebook, Twitter), as well as a ‘live’ option (say, at a signing or really, anywhere!). If you get stuck, contact Evan — he’s super nice and very helpful.


Created by Vikram Narayan, ‘BookBuzzr builds widgets, tools and technologies to help you market your book like a pro.’

The BookBuzzr blog provides practical advice on book promotion and marketing: neat marketing tools like automated widgets for samples, games, email, contests, and other nifty little options that can help you stand out from the crowd. They offer a free ‘lite’ option, though most people seem to choose the $4.99/month option. They work with many publishers as well. Plans and pricing are here, but you can certainly check out the site and take a tour. Again, they have a free option if you just want to dip your toe in.

I’ve used BookBuzzr since I released Snark, and added in my additional books as I published them. Cognizant of Amazon’s KDP guidelines, their widget allows you to choose the same sample seen on Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature. Their tools are SO easy to use, and if you run into any issues, Vikram and his team bend over backward to help.

That’s it for today. Let me know your thoughts!