Creative Penn Guest Post: Getting Maximum “Bang” for Your Book Description Buck

By Lori Culwell

blank page Over the weekend, I did a guest post for the lovely Joanna Penn over at the   Creative Penn.   Here is a little excerpt:

This year I’ve been working more and more with authors, agents, and publishers, all of whom pretty much share the same goal:  sell more books!

I am a “trial and error” kind of internet marketing person who also happens to be  an author (seriously- I’ve written six books), so I am probably more willing than most to change/ test/ try new things.  Here is a method I have been using successfully with my own books and with client books.

This method involves your book description, and if you’re anything like the countless publishers and authors I’ve worked with (as well as myself), you are not using all the space you’ve been given in the description.

Go over and check out the rest!   I even went in and counted how much space each bookseller gives you in your description.