Faking It (Online)

By Katherine
we the authentic you because we can tell when you are faking it

This general concept has been called out in various ways, in various articles on this site since we started posting a few months back. I think it is time to call it out more specifically. And that is this; if you fake it online, we (the broad “we” of the online populous, not just us here at BookPromotion.com) can tell. By this I mean: If you hire someone who will pretend to be you, we can tell. If you hate whatever social media network you… Continue Reading

What is Your Launch Date?

By Katherine

In these days of self-publishing, there is one thing from the traditional publishing model I would like to encourage you to really consider – your launch date. In the old days (so, five years ago) there was always a launch date. This was the date your publisher negotiated with the bookstores that they would put your book in that cool special display they had made just for your book, at the very front of the store. If you were J.K. Rowling, people lined up the… Continue Reading

Barefoot Books Leaves Amazon– Should You Follow Their Example?

By Lori Culwell

 Several of the contributors (including me!) are still at BEA 2013 today, but I did want to put up this writeup– Several people sent me this article a few days ago, and it is a very interesting read about how this company (Barefoot Books) has withdrawn all of their titles from Amazon.  Ballsy, to say the least! Everyone loves to hate on Amazon because they are the 800 pound gorilla of bookselling at the moment, and to be honest with you, they can be highly annoying…. Continue Reading

How to Market a Book, v 2.0 is Here!

By Lori Culwell

As you can see from the title, this post is going to be about a book written by contributors to this site, so if you’re here for straight-up free social media tips and book news, totally click the links at the bottom to go to another article! Here’s the deal:  last year, awesome Booktrope CMO Katherine Sears and I wrote a book on book marketing called “How to Market a Book.”   I know, that sentence sounded like one that would be written by a… Continue Reading

The Statistics are Coming – BookStats Vol 3!

By Katherine
Bookstats Volume 3 report announced

If ever you doubted the depths of my nerdy little marketing heart, doubt no longer. Each year (roughly) around this time, since they began in 2008, the BookStats report is released. This report is a combined effort between The Book Industry Study Group (BISG)  and the Association of American Publishers (AAP). You may also know BISG as those people who keep the list of BISAC codes (a whole other blog post). Up until this report began a few years back, no one was tracking the… Continue Reading

Amazon Bogus Reviews Part 2

Reviewed By Katherine
reviewer confused by kindle leaves one star review

The first time we looked at Amazon reviews, we dug into who can leave them and who can’t. To sum up:  consumers good, sock puppets or anyone who could be mistaken for sock puppets, bad. You can read the full article here, of course. Today let’s talk about what happens when you get a one star review that: 1) you know is a mistake 2) that is actually a criticism of Amazon or 3) where the reviewer admits to not having read the book. Example… Continue Reading

The FTC Guidelines You Need to Read

By Katherine
Legal documents

This is not a sponsored promotion. If it were, according to the FTC Dotcom Disclosure Guidelines, I would have to tell you that right now. This is going to be a short, but important blog post. Short, because I am not an expert in the field I want you to know about. Important, because you really need to take a look at this before you get to promoting, well, just about anything, online. Thankfully for me (and therefore you), while I am not an expert in… Continue Reading

Pretty Cheap Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Books Online

By Lisa Hazen

Book marketing budgets aren’t what they used to be. But there are a lot of effective ways to promote yourself and your books that don’t require a lot of money. And most of these things can be done yourself—you don’t need to rely on your publicist or marketing manager to take care of it for you. Connect Virtually Facebook and Twitter are a great way to invite readers into a curated version of your world. Of course, you should always share information about your books… Continue Reading

Email Newsletter Tips for Authors

By Lisa Hazen
Sara Paretsky

I’m often asked by my author clients if they should include email newsletters as part of their self-promotion strategy. The answer is always an emphatic yes—if done the right way. Below, I identify tips to help you choose the right platform, build your list, and send out emails that will engage your readers—and never annoy them. Choosing the Right Platform As with pretty much any Web service, there are no shortage of options for email newsletters. Campaign Monitor is, in my opinion, the best email… Continue Reading