Creative Penn Guest Post: Getting Maximum “Bang” for Your Book Description Buck

By Lori Culwell

 Over the weekend, I did a guest post for the lovely Joanna Penn over at the   Creative Penn.   Here is a little excerpt: This year I’ve been working more and more with authors, agents, and publishers, all of whom pretty much share the same goal:  sell more books! I am a “trial and error” kind of internet marketing person who also happens to be  an author (seriously- I’ve written six books), so I am probably more willing than most to change/ test/ try… Continue Reading

T.M. Frazier Best Seller – How I Did It

By Katherine

How would you feel if you found out that your book sold more than 4000 copies in the first 6 weeks it was for sale? What about if your book had been number one in its (paid) category on Kindle for more than 4 of those weeks? How about if the book had (as of writing this) 99 reviews on Amazon, with a 4.7 star average and not one 1 star review? Would you like to know what the author did to make all of… Continue Reading

Amazon – KDP Select Adds Kindle Countdown

By Katherine

Well, just when we see the roll out of Matchbook (which I wrote about here), Amazon hits us with another program! This one is called Kindle Countdown. Unlike Matchbook, in order to participate in this program, a book must be enrolled in KDP Select.  From the Amazon press release – here are the details: Authors and publishers determine both the length of the Kindle Countdown Deals promotion and the level of discount, offering them control and flexibility. KDP Select authors now have more choices for… Continue Reading

Put a Little Heart in Your Book Promotion

By Kathy Meis

StoryCorps, the independent oral history project that airs on National Public Radio, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The organization’s mission is simple, “provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.” These are not stories about famous people. It’s the powerful stories of everyday folk that the producers at StoryCorps want told. If you’re going to listen to StoryCorps, get out the tissues. These stories – which can be sad, inspirational, uplifting, frightening, brutally… Continue Reading

Digital Assets for Authors

By Kathy Meis

What is a digital asset and why do authors need them? A digital asset is any form of content and/or media that has been formatted for digital consumption and is accompanied by the rights to use it. For authors, digital books are their primary digital assets. An author’s photos, videos and blog posts are also digital assets. Today’s 24/7 social mobile world has created a huge demand for digital assets, especially the highly visual sort like photos and videos. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and… Continue Reading

Make It Easy to Get Your Books Reviewed

By Lisa Hazen

A few years ago, book reviews in print media like newspapers and magazines could make a best-seller. While a great (or awful) book review in a major publication can have tremendous impact on a book’s sales, influential book reviews also appear in blogs, in online bookstores, and social media. The easier you make it for reviewers to access information about your books and you as an author, the more likely it is that your book will be reviewed. Here are some tips to get your… Continue Reading

Wattpad’s Dark Side!

By Katherine

In comments to my first Wattpad post, I was asked about the age demographic on Wattpad and whether it is appropriate for all content. It is true that the age group most heavily represented on Wattpad appears to be the younger readers, in specific young female readers. This is not by any means ALL of the users, but it is a large number. As a result, Wattpad has (wisely) taken steps to ensure the content is clearly labeled and managed such that under-age eyes are… Continue Reading

Hate as a Marketing Tool

By Katherine

I have probably said this so many times that I sound like a broken record (side note – will that phrase even mean anything in ten years?). You have probably never met a reader who says “That’s it, I’m done. This is the last book I will ever choose – the last book I will ever read”. So why do we in the book business feel so darn competitive? Why do we spend so much time tearing one another down, instead of supporting the efforts… Continue Reading

Examining Wattpad

By Katherine

I have decided to take a closer look at all of the “bookish” social media sites out there on the interwebs at present. I am often asked about them when I give marketing workshops to authors. In retrospect, the reason I am asked about them is that until asked, I tend to say very little. Perhaps that is indicative of which sites are most valuable for marketing purposes, or perhaps not. So, let’s take a peek under the hood, shall we? Let’s start by examining… Continue Reading

Guest post: Why Online Marketing is important for Authors

By Lori Culwell

By Jo Linsdell Jo Linsdell is  a best selling author and illustrator and internationally recognized marketing expert. She is also the founder and organizer of the annual online event “Promo Day” ( and the Writers and Authors blog ( Her latest release Virtual Book Tours: Effective Online Book Promotion From the Comfort of Your Own Home is now available from Amazon. Find out more about her at her website In the past, book promotion involved authors traveling around to do in-person book signings and readings… Continue Reading