Interview With a Book Blogger: Amber from Me, MyShelf, and I

By Lori Culwell

 You guys!   Some time ago, I interviewed my friend Amber Sweeney from the awesome book blog “Me, My Shelf and I.”   I was positive I put the interview up, but now I’m not so sure (and I can’t find it anywhere in the archive), so I’m posting it today.   It has so much good insight, I really want everyone to see it.  So, before you submit to a single book blog, be sure to read this entire interview.   Amber lays down… Continue Reading

Watch Us on SlushHeap!

By Lori Culwell contributor (and founder) Kelsye and I (Lori Culwell) appeared on SlushHeap, talking indie author success. Watch the replay here! Here’s a little more about SlushHeap, for your edification: SlushHeap Where authors are celebrated, encouraged, and promoted… since 2013 Slush Pile  noun  \ˈsləsh ˈpī(-ə)l \A stack of unsolicited manuscripts that have been sent to a publishing company for consideration –          (web definitions)SlushHeap  noun  \ˈsləsh ˈhēp\ 1 : A Google+ Hangout on Air (HOA) dedicated to experienced authors, new authors, and those who would like to break into the… Continue Reading

Laying the Groundwork for Successful Book Promotion

By Kathy Meis

I see too many authors who throw themselves into book marketing without much planning. They launch into social media, pay for virtual blog tours and call upon press outlets and reviewers, only to become frustrated when these channels don’t deliver against their (often inflated) expectations. There is a better way. You can set yourself up for success. You just need to start with a solid foundation. Before you begin marketing your book, here are some important questions you should ask yourself: 1. What are your goals?… Continue Reading

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

By Kathy Meis

We do it to ourselves every year. The list of New Year’s resolutions is loaded up with high expectations and multiple goals — sell a million books, lose a million pounds, run a million miles. You know the drill. Optimism rules. It feels good. But what if this new year, you let go of outcomes and committed to a process of daily and weekly disciplines that would help you become successful. What would that look like and where would it take you? Start by quantifying your… Continue Reading

Tips On How to Get Started as a Guest Blogger

By Lori Culwell

Today I am turning the talking stick over to Camille McGlane, who is going to tell us about how to get started as a guest blogger.   This article is highly actionable, so if you’ve set a goal to become more active in your book promotion in 2014, these tips will help! The number of active bloggers has increased over 30% since 2010, and with this rise we have seen an increase in the other type of bloggers: guest bloggers. While everyone knows what blogging… Continue Reading

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

By Kathy Meis

  ‘Twas the night before Christmas And under the trees… E-readers were charging With empty libraries. Book lovers were sleeping With dreams in their head… In hopes that tomorrow They could download in bed. The challenge of what they would download was tough! Were the authors prepared to offer discounts and stuff? The readers are waiting, so the question becomes Are you ready for the post-Christmas surge when it comes? Okay, so I’m not a poet! I just wanted to have a bit of holiday… Continue Reading

The Promotional Power of Book Samples

By Kathy Meis
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Since publishing gatekeepers no longer control all of the channels into the book marketplace, a record number of new books are being published. This means readers have a much greater selection to choose from, which is wonderful. However, it also means readers have to sort through quite a hodge podge when it comes to quality. A reader’s time is precious and he or she not only has an incredible selection of books to choose from, but many other forms of entertainment at their fingertips as… Continue Reading

Engage Readers with Holiday Storytelling

By Kathy Meis

Everyone has holiday stories. The bizarre gift from crazy Aunt Edna. The discovered present that ruined the surprise. The thoughtful gift that took your breath away. Hard times. Good times. Strange times. Every holiday season brings new experiences and stories. We share these stories at cocktail parties, over coffee, at work and at the bus stop. But have you ever thought about sharing these stories with readers? Here’s why stories are powerful tools for marketing your book: stories are told in your voice – in… Continue Reading

Nine Jobs for Writers (Paying the Bills)

By Lori Culwell

We’re all about trying to help you sell more books here at, but until you find the “magic formula” that’s going to work to sell more of your books (whether that’s advertising, book bloggers, building your mailing list, growing your social media, or any of the other stuff we talk about), I thought that today I’d give you some ideas for earning some money using those writing/ editing/ design skills.  After all, you’re much more likely to be a successful author if you’re not… Continue Reading