Seven Recommended WordPress Plug-Ins

By Lisa Hazen
Seven Recommended Wordpress Plug-Ins - BookPromotion . com

One of the things that I love the most about WordPress is how extensible it is. If you host WordPress on your own server (verses hosting it on their cloud server via, you have the ability to add functionality by downloading and installing plug-ins. (More on vs. here.) Following are some plug-ins that I consistently recommend to my clients to enhance their sites. Akismet If you think email spam is bad, consider comment or trackback spam. You will get spammy comments on… Continue Reading

Back it Up! A Dropbox Review

By Lori Culwell

I know, I’m about to start sounding like I work for the Dropbox Corporation, which I decidedly do not.   Since it is free (at the smaller levels) and awesome, I would like to recommend that you start using it as well.   I like it when technology catches up to a need I actually have, so now I am starting the process of consolidating files from multiple computers/ devices, using Dropbox as my catchall/ backup for everything.  I was resisting this because I knew it was going to… Continue Reading

Ten Things To Do Before You Go Viral

By Lori Culwell

I have touched on this on many occasions, but then I got an interesting email the other day from a literary agent (who shall remain nameless), asking me to rank, in order of ROI (that’s “return on investment,” for you non-business types) each of the the following: websites,  Facebook Fan Page, social media, GoodReads, Amazon Author Central.   Of course, the person in this example is a writer,  so the examples are writer-specific, but if you’re a musician, “GoodReads” might be equivalent to “LastFM” or “MySpace”… Continue Reading

Importance of SEO and Metatagging Part 2 by Lori Culwell

By Lori Culwell

SEO and Metatagging Part II:  Where to Put Keywords! Now that you’ve done your keyword research (and wasn’t it so interesting?), you’ll need to go back and put these keywords into your website so that the search engines will associate your site with these words, with the ultimate goal of having your site pop up when people Google those words.  The words are the demand, your site is the supply.  Got it?   These instructions are for people with sites based on WordPress, which gives… Continue Reading

Importance of SEO and Metatagging, Part 1 by Lori Culwell

By Lori Culwell

Part I:  Keyword Research If you’re a writer, you write all the time, right?   You’ve got your book (or books) out, you’re updating a blog on a regular basis, and you’ve got some kind of social media presence, and your website is up to date. These are the things I’m assuming you have, because they are the basics you need to be a writer in 2013.  Writers are creative types, but they also need to be organized.  I wrote a whole book that walks writers… Continue Reading