Designing for Social Media

By Lisa Hazen
Rookie Moms Facebook

A common complaint I hear from authors and other clients regarding social media is the lack of options available to customize that design. That it’s hard to stand out from the crowd on Twitter and Facebook, particularly. I respectfully disagree. Look at what a yardsale MySpace became by allowing its users to go nuts with animations, fonts, color, and more. From the start, the two most important social networking properties—Twitter and Facebook—have been very deliberate in the options they offer users in terms of design…. Continue Reading

How to Get More Twitter Followers

By Lori Culwell

There are LOTS of ways to get more Twitter followers these days. Heck, you can even buy them (not that I recommend it)! I think the bigger question is: how do I connect with targeted readers on Twitter? Keywords. This is a term that scares people. Well, man up. It’s simple: what do you write about? What are your interests? Say you’re a nonfiction writer with a passion for vintage birdcages. Boom – two keywords right there: nonfiction and vintage birdcages. Enter those terms in… Continue Reading

Facebook Increases Friend Limit– This Does Not Give You an Invitation to Market There

By Lori Culwell

I recently noticed and maybe you have as well (or maybe not, if you don’t pay attention to stuff like this), Facebook seems to be lifting their limitation on the number of “friends” one person can have on a profile. In case you’re still confused about “Facebook Profile” vs. “Facebook Fan Page,” here is a handy guide from Facebook themselves. Here’s how to tell the difference:  you’ll know you have a Facebook Profile (meant for personal use) if: someone has to friend request you (and… Continue Reading

Guest Post: Top 6 Lessons From BookExpo America You Need To Know NOW

By Lori Culwell

Today, would like to welcome Rachel from Bad RedHead Media with an awesome recap of the crazy flurry of activity that was BEA last week.  Rachel is not only a great writer, but is smart about social media.  I definitely think you should get her working on book stuff for you right away, and you’ll find all of her contact info below to go over there, start following her, and engage her services right now if not sooner. Take it away, Rachel! After attending… Continue Reading

Social Media for Authors: Get in there and prove them wrong!

By Lori Culwell

As you might know,’s founder, Lori Culwell, has written for the Huffington Post, BlogHer, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and other publications.   Here is a Huffington Post article that focuses on the topic of authors and social media (and gives you even more evidence as to why you should really hire us to work with your website and social media presence): >>>>> I think if there’s one trait about me that has served me the best while at the same time annoying the… Continue Reading