The Book Marketing Book (and event!) That Will Help You the Most

Reviewed By Lori Culwell

I want you to be successful. If you are an author and you took the time to write an entire book, I want people to buy that book and read it and love it and buy more of your books (if you write more books). As authors, we all want our books to just catch on the minute they are published, and we don’t really want to have to market them. We want that magic “Stephenie Meyer” moment when we finish the book and it… Continue Reading

Why Your Facebook Fan Page Traffic Sucks (And How to Change That)

By Lisa Hazen

When you first created your Facebook Fan Page, you were probably thrilled how easy it was to build your fans and easily connect with your audience. (And all for free.) In fact, I know many authors have decided to use Facebook as their exclusive Web presence, rather than building and maintaining a site on their own. It was a tough deal to beat—a free networked Web presence with an easy way to share information. Gradually and quietly, that has all been changing. About a year… Continue Reading

Engage Readers with Holiday Storytelling

By Kathy Meis

Everyone has holiday stories. The bizarre gift from crazy Aunt Edna. The discovered present that ruined the surprise. The thoughtful gift that took your breath away. Hard times. Good times. Strange times. Every holiday season brings new experiences and stories. We share these stories at cocktail parties, over coffee, at work and at the bus stop. But have you ever thought about sharing these stories with readers? Here’s why stories are powerful tools for marketing your book: stories are told in your voice – in… Continue Reading

Have You Thanked Your Readers Lately?

By Kathy Meis

With Thanksgiving coming this Thursday, it seems a fitting time to ask, “Have you said thank you to your readers and supporters lately?” Often we feel grateful, but fail to express it. We tell ourselves, “Of course, they [insert: husband, friend, family member, reader, supporter] know I appreciate them!” Well, maybe they don’t. Better to play it safe and DO something to show your gratitude. Here are three simple ways to show gratitude to your readers and supporters: Create something exclusive – Write your readers… Continue Reading

How to Use NaNoWriMo to Promote Your Work

By Kathy Meis

As many of you know, NaNoWriMo is more than halfway over. Here’s to finishing those novels! For those of you not familiar with NaNoWriMo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. During November, participants are challenged to produce a 50,000-word novel. The goal is to motivate writers to get their stories out of their heads and on to the page. Begun in 1999, the event now has hundreds of thousands of participants and is overseen by a national non-profit organization that offers support, community (forums and pep… Continue Reading

Social Book Promotion Is a Numbers Game

By Kathy Meis

I’m about to make a bunch of social media “experts” gasp, but that’s okay. Here’s the truth: when it comes to promoting your book on social media, the quantity of posts matters as much as the quality. Yes, well-written posts and engagement are central to your success, but if you’re not sharing regularly and you don’t have enough followers to benefit from social media’s “network effect,” what’s the point? You need a critical mass of followers in order to benefit from social book promotion and… Continue Reading

The Red Room: Social Networking for Authors and Readers

By Lisa Hazen
The Red Room: Where the Writers Are

One of the best parts of publishing conferences is the people it brings together. Authors, publishers and readers all in one place—exchanging information and learning from one another. But publishing conferences are but a few times a year. (And expensive, to boot.) Where to commune outside of the conference? The Red Room was designed to virtually bring together writers and readers anytime the mood strikes and as often as possible. Conceived as an online salon for authors and book lovers, The Red Room provides ample… Continue Reading

Boo! It’s Time for Holiday Book Marketing

By Kathy Meis

Thursday is Halloween. Like it or not, that means the holiday shopping season is right around the corner. Are you prepared? I don’t mean as a shopper! I mean as an authorpreneur. Books have always been popular gifts. Are you ready to capitalize on the season and maximize your book sales and build your brand? If not, don’t worry…there’s still time to get your act together. You need a plan, and fast. Here are a couple of tips: Brainstorm. As of November 1, there are… Continue Reading

Put a Little Heart in Your Book Promotion

By Kathy Meis

StoryCorps, the independent oral history project that airs on National Public Radio, is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The organization’s mission is simple, “provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.” These are not stories about famous people. It’s the powerful stories of everyday folk that the producers at StoryCorps want told. If you’re going to listen to StoryCorps, get out the tissues. These stories – which can be sad, inspirational, uplifting, frightening, brutally… Continue Reading

Oyster App – A Subscription-Based Model for Books

By Lisa Hazen

Netflix has conditioned us to have ravenous—and fickle—appetites when consuming video. Binge away on all 76 episodes of Friday Night Lights whenever you want. Not your taste? Choose from thousands of other TV shows and movies that stream on demand as part of your monthly membership. And you have nothing to lose except a little time—you can stream the entire catalog as part of your monthly fee. A new app called Oyster employs a similar structure. For $9.95 a month, users have unlimited access to… Continue Reading