By Katherine

Author writes press release and needlessly distributes it globally The glorious press release! Bastion of a legacy system of promotion that was (nearly) entirely dependent on the print media. Yet, we still use this antiquated system, complete with the strictly adhered to format. I am not going to go into that format here, there is a good description here on PRLog (which coincidentally has a free and paid release distribution service). How do you know when to use this medium, and when to ignore it?… Continue Reading

I am a writer, not an advertising exec, so why should I care about how to promote my book?

By Lori Culwell

Yes, after you have finished the daunting task of completing your book – or perhaps while you are still in the midst of the daunting task of completing your book – it seems crazy to think about the prospect of taking on yet another daunting task. But whether you are self-publishing or have landed your book with a big publisher, you have a lot to gain by jumping into the promotion process with gusto. It is after all YOUR book and you want to do… Continue Reading