Do You Want to Know How Your Books Are Being Read?

By Lisa Hazen

When my first book was published, my publisher set me up with a book signing at a design conference. I happily sold and signed a huge stack of books, then sent them off with their new owners, not really knowing what would happen with them next. But as I left the conference, I spied two people huddled around my book. Then one pointed at something in the book, and the two of them laughed. This little glimpse of my book out in the wild haunts… Continue Reading

Wattpad’s Dark Side!

By Katherine

In comments to my first Wattpad post, I was asked about the age demographic on Wattpad and whether it is appropriate for all content. It is true that the age group most heavily represented on Wattpad appears to be the younger readers, in specific young female readers. This is not by any means ALL of the users, but it is a large number. As a result, Wattpad has (wisely) taken steps to ensure the content is clearly labeled and managed such that under-age eyes are… Continue Reading

Examining Wattpad

By Katherine

I have decided to take a closer look at all of the “bookish” social media sites out there on the interwebs at present. I am often asked about them when I give marketing workshops to authors. In retrospect, the reason I am asked about them is that until asked, I tend to say very little. Perhaps that is indicative of which sites are most valuable for marketing purposes, or perhaps not. So, let’s take a peek under the hood, shall we? Let’s start by examining… Continue Reading

Amazon MatchBook – the New Program in Town!

By Katherine

On Tuesday, Amazon announced a new program they are calling Amazon MatchBook. I spent some time reading the news on this and was pretty surprised to find that people already have gotten it wrong. Here is the official description we received: The Kindle MatchBook program gives customers who purchase or have previously purchased your print book from Amazon the option to purchase your Kindle version for $2.99 or less. If you have a print version of this title, enroll your title and select a Promotional… Continue Reading

Are You a Bestseller?

By Katherine

How do you know if you are a bestseller? Or more properly, whether your book is a bestseller. Well, as with many things in today’s publishing world, the answer is “that depends”. I get asked this quite often, and while this used to be a very cut and dried answer, in today’s world of Top 100 lists on every retailer’s website, that question is a bit more complex. The lists may vary by hardcover, paperback and ebook. They may vary whether they are fiction or… Continue Reading

MIT Study Analyzes Deceptive Reviews

Reviewed By Katherine

Yes folks, it is time for more thoughts on deceptive reviews, and more data! You know I love data. This time, instead of examining review policies, we have data on people and why they leave negative reviews. I have to be honest, some of this never even occurred to me. People are truly fascinating creatures. About a year ago, the story in the NY Times appeared “outing” the famous indie author John Locke for having paid for reviews.  I will say that by all appearances,… Continue Reading

Q: Should I Hire a Publicist?

By Lori Culwell

One author emailed me on LinkedIn last week with a question we get all the time, so I took some time to analyze her network to illustrate the answer, which (in my experience) is almost always “Your network is not ready for a publicist.”  That was true here, and I’ve included my whole analysis here so you can see my thought process.   Hopefully along the way, you can find some similarities with your own network.   Of course, I have removed the author’s name… Continue Reading

Book Titles – Think Carefully and Do Research!

By Katherine
How to market a book by lori culwell and katherine sears

This post is aimed primarily at the independent authors in our readership, not because we love the traditionally published folks less, but only because they will not get to participate much in their book title decision. Our question today – how do you title your book? There are really two main schools of thought here – title it descriptively or title it evocatively. There are plusses and minuses to both methods, and you should spend some time researching your genre to see which is more… Continue Reading

Who is Your Target Reader?

By Katherine

So, I did a live webinar for this week. The topic was “finding your target reader”. As much as my goofy headset makes me look, well, goofy, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I do think if you watch this, you will be able to find your target reader. Big thanks to the crew for hosting and facilitating. By the by, if you are an indie author or other related professional, you should check out their website. Don’t hesitate to… Continue Reading

When Is My Book Tour?

By Katherine

Things have changed dramatically in the last couple of years in the publishing industry. This is not news, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog. As part of our continuing  efforts to be brutally honest, let’s look at whether you should go on a traditional “book tour” as part of your promotional efforts. You remember those, right? Bookstores, you and a table with your hardback books lovingly displayed upon it and lines of people waiting to speak with you and obtain your signature. Before we get… Continue Reading