‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

By Kathy Meis

  ‘Twas the night before Christmas And under the trees… E-readers were charging With empty libraries. Book lovers were sleeping With dreams in their head… In hopes that tomorrow They could download in bed. The challenge of what they would download was tough! Were the authors prepared to offer discounts and stuff? The readers are waiting, so the question becomes Are you ready for the post-Christmas surge when it comes? Okay, so I’m not a poet! I just wanted to have a bit of holiday… Continue Reading

The Promotional Power of Book Samples

By Kathy Meis
Bookstats data report doesn't deliver

Since publishing gatekeepers no longer control all of the channels into the book marketplace, a record number of new books are being published. This means readers have a much greater selection to choose from, which is wonderful. However, it also means readers have to sort through quite a hodge podge when it comes to quality. A reader’s time is precious and he or she not only has an incredible selection of books to choose from, but many other forms of entertainment at their fingertips as… Continue Reading

Engage Readers with Holiday Storytelling

By Kathy Meis

Everyone has holiday stories. The bizarre gift from crazy Aunt Edna. The discovered present that ruined the surprise. The thoughtful gift that took your breath away. Hard times. Good times. Strange times. Every holiday season brings new experiences and stories. We share these stories at cocktail parties, over coffee, at work and at the bus stop. But have you ever thought about sharing these stories with readers? Here’s why stories are powerful tools for marketing your book: stories are told in your voice – in… Continue Reading

Using Music To Promote Your Book

By Kathy Meis

How readers find books has changed dramatically in today’s digital, mobile, social world. One recent study indicated that consumers now discover books in up to forty-four different ways! With this in mind, I want you to think about introducing readers to your work through music. Why music? It’s a fun, creative, new medium that introduces you and your writing to an entirely different community of potential readers. To show you how and why it’s done, here are three authors who are introducing readers to their… Continue Reading

Have You Thanked Your Readers Lately?

By Kathy Meis

With Thanksgiving coming this Thursday, it seems a fitting time to ask, “Have you said thank you to your readers and supporters lately?” Often we feel grateful, but fail to express it. We tell ourselves, “Of course, they [insert: husband, friend, family member, reader, supporter] know I appreciate them!” Well, maybe they don’t. Better to play it safe and DO something to show your gratitude. Here are three simple ways to show gratitude to your readers and supporters: Create something exclusive – Write your readers… Continue Reading

Marketing Ideas: LinkedIn, Your List, New Social Media, and More!

By Lori Culwell

Today I’m going to throw out some marketing ideas I’ve been talking to authors about over the past couple of months.  These are the ones that have floated to the top as having gotten excellent results.  Try one of them to shake up your marketing plan! LinkedIn:  This is one that even I was skeptical about because I’m not on LinkedIn that much, but it really worked.  Earlier this year I took a course on LinkedIn (just to brush up) and noticed that they’ve added… Continue Reading

How to Use NaNoWriMo to Promote Your Work

By Kathy Meis

As many of you know, NaNoWriMo is more than halfway over. Here’s to finishing those novels! For those of you not familiar with NaNoWriMo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. During November, participants are challenged to produce a 50,000-word novel. The goal is to motivate writers to get their stories out of their heads and on to the page. Begun in 1999, the event now has hundreds of thousands of participants and is overseen by a national non-profit organization that offers support, community (forums and pep… Continue Reading

Using Analytics to Optimize Your Site

By Lisa Hazen
Google Analytics

The first thing I do when I sit down to my computer each morning—before I check email or even Facebook—is check my site’s Web stats. Knowing who is visiting my site—and what they’re reading while they’re there isn’t just a way to indulge my voyeuristic side. Here, I uncover valuable information about which of my services are generating the most interest, how people are finding me, and who they are. You can also use the information you find in your stats to help discover what… Continue Reading

Kindle Countdown: What’s the Deal?

By Lori Culwell

Just some further explanation for Kindle’s “Countdown Deal,” following Katherine’s excellent article.  We strive for complete coverage! I got this awesome summary in a newsletter called “Self Publisher Daily,” which is put out by James Jones.  James is the inventor of eBook Niche Explorer, an Amazon-specific keyword tool that I can’t recommend highly enough, so I’m not surprised that he also has a super-awesome newsletter. James gave me permission to reprint this article, which I super appreciate.  Enjoy! Kindle Countdown Deals By Ashley Zee Want… Continue Reading

Social Book Promotion Is a Numbers Game

By Kathy Meis

I’m about to make a bunch of social media “experts” gasp, but that’s okay. Here’s the truth: when it comes to promoting your book on social media, the quantity of posts matters as much as the quality. Yes, well-written posts and engagement are central to your success, but if you’re not sharing regularly and you don’t have enough followers to benefit from social media’s “network effect,” what’s the point? You need a critical mass of followers in order to benefit from social book promotion and… Continue Reading