Various Media Enrich Marisha Pessi’s Night Film

By Lisa Hazen
Night Film Cover

Marisha Pessi’s new thriller Night Film was eagerly anticipated by fans of her debut blockbuster, Special Topics in Calamity Physics. I picked it up the first day it came out—and I’ve been plowing through its 600+ pages every chance I get. A compelling addition to Pessi’s latest novel is her use of imagery and technology to both enhance and promote the story. Like many other books, there is a compelling book trailer—which almost feels more like a movie trailer in terms of production. (For more… Continue Reading

BookStats Data Disappoints

By Katherine

Now, you all know how much I love data. I was really excited just by the announcement that the data was on its way back in June from BISG via their BookStats reports (I blogged about it here). So I have eagerly looked forward to the day when I could plunk down my $99 and get my annual data fix. I had anticipated being able to share some high level insights with you all, and encourage you to buy the report for yourself (for logical reasons,… Continue Reading

Reader Survey Says: “Readers prefer e-books to paperbacks”

By Katherine

“…by 77% to 52%”. I know you will be shocked to hear, I have more data! Data is your friend. It helps to prove the things you suspect are true, and occasionally gives you that reality check you have been needing. In this case, the data comes directly from a reader survey so it is straight from our target market. The data I will be sharing was compiled by a survey conducted by Marie Force and her team over at E-Book Formatting Fairies. They surveyed… Continue Reading

Did Google Kill Email Marketing?

By Katherine
My Gmail Tabs

I thought about titling this “Is the Sky Falling?”, but decided to be more direct (for SEO purposes, of course). In truth, this is also one of those things that early data shows may actually be worth worrying about. The new format for Gmail Inbox has already been shown to impact open rates, and we are only a few weeks in. Before we dive into data, a quick overview of what has happened. Over the last few weeks, Google has rolled out their new Inbox… Continue Reading

MIT Study Analyzes Deceptive Reviews

Reviewed By Katherine

Yes folks, it is time for more thoughts on deceptive reviews, and more data! You know I love data. This time, instead of examining review policies, we have data on people and why they leave negative reviews. I have to be honest, some of this never even occurred to me. People are truly fascinating creatures. About a year ago, the story in the NY Times appeared “outing” the famous indie author John Locke for having paid for reviews.  I will say that by all appearances,… Continue Reading

Booktrope Guest Blog Chez Konrath

By Katherine

I haven’t spent too much time on this blog talking about what we do over at Booktrope, but I have to share a post from this past week that does just that.  When we started Booktrope, just over two years ago, we had to prove to our potential investors, and potential authors and other potential team-members that we really could do what we thought we could do…without doing it first. So, I scoured the internet for evidence that someone other than the Big 6 (now… Continue Reading

We Think Alone: A New Project from Miranda July

Reviewed By Lisa Hazen
Miranda July -

I first discovered Miranda July when she was promoting her book No One Belongs Here More Than You in 2007. The book’s site broke pretty much every rule about what I would tell you are the best practices for promoting a book online. (I mean, it’s usually ill advised to design an entire site around writing on the top of your refrigerator with dry erase markers, photographing each message as slide, and making the user click through nearly 30 pages to read the whole message.)… Continue Reading

Big Changes with the Big Internet Booksellers

By Katherine

Just when you think things are stable in the world of the big three tablet/e-reader  battles, they aren’t. There was interesting news from Apple this week which makes some folks wonder if they are planning a bigger push into the book space. Amazon could (should?) be nervous, but so far they haven’t flinched. Up until now, the Mac OS did not include iBooks on the desktop. Well, with the new Mavericks release, launching this fall, it will (Geekwire reported). Why is this significant, you might… Continue Reading

Giveaways: Books, Bags and Balloons at BEA

By Katherine

As you may know if you follow this blog, some of us were at BEA last week. Lori covered her highest level takeaways here.  Our panel on Wednesday was standing room only, and we had some great participation and discussion afterwards. Yay us! That said, the main exhibit floor was a truly staggering and awesome temple to all things bookish. Especially print books. Books – This was my first BEA. I had been told about the huge number of books being given away, and I *thought*… Continue Reading

BEA 2013: What Have We Learned?

By Lori Culwell

OK, everyone is back from BEA (Book Expo America) now, and of course we’re all experiencing the “BEA Hangover,” where we’re all exhausted, our brains are full, and we have forty thousand follow-up emails to send.   BEA is super overstimulating and tiring, and by the end, you feel like you ran a marathon and need some time off.   I guess what I’m saying is, if you don’t hear from anyone in the publishing industry in the next couple of days, don’t take it… Continue Reading