Authors: Embrace the Change!

By Lori Culwell

I was going to call this article “Evolve or Die!,” but I didn’t want to scare you.  It is kind of life or death out there, though, and I want you to be mentally prepared for this huge paradigm shift that is going to mean you move at the speed of internet marketing (rather than publishing). Times they have a’changed, people.   In the old days (and by “old days” I mean as recently as a couple of years ago), moving at the speed of Big… Continue Reading

What to Price Your eBooks: an Ongoing Experiment

By Lori Culwell

As promised, here at we are constantly experimenting on our own work and reporting the results back to you.   I like to think of this as “trying and failing/ succeeding so you don’t have to.” As you probably know, Amazon (through their Kindle Direct/ KDP program) wants you to keep the pricing of your eBooks within the $2.99 – $9.99 zone.   They do this by penalizing you (in terms of royalty percentage) when you go over or under this window.   For… Continue Reading

Anatomy of a Failed Email Experiment

By Lori Culwell

Aren’t you so glad you can come here to read about my mistakes and abject failures?  It has to make you feel better that, when you’re struggling with something, you have a compatriot in the feeling of “I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M DOING WRONG.” Well, if you subscribe to the mailing list, last week you got a play by play example of me having that exact same experience. I’m always harping on people to build their mailing lists, and we have a great… Continue Reading

ABM: Always. Be. Marketing.

By Lori Culwell

Today’s title references the classic scene from the movie version of Glengarry Glen Ross, where super-salesman Alec Baldwin gives this harsh motivational speech to his group of sales guys.   This clip definitely contains language and is definitely not safe for work, so I would recommend turning down your computer’s speakers if you are in the office. I put this clip up today to illustrate an important point: as an author, it is your job to get yourself out there and talk to people with… Continue Reading

Giveaways: Books, Bags and Balloons at BEA

By Katherine

As you may know if you follow this blog, some of us were at BEA last week. Lori covered her highest level takeaways here.  Our panel on Wednesday was standing room only, and we had some great participation and discussion afterwards. Yay us! That said, the main exhibit floor was a truly staggering and awesome temple to all things bookish. Especially print books. Books – This was my first BEA. I had been told about the huge number of books being given away, and I *thought*… Continue Reading

KDP Select #Fail: a Case Study (Part 2)

By Lori Culwell

Hopefully you’re all caught up on the steps I took to make an experimental free promotion happen last month, and what I could have done better along the way.  When you see the results, I’m sure you will agree that each step is pretty important. Here’s what I have to report.  Like I said, it ain’t pretty. Free downloads:  201  (I know!  I was surprised at the low number as well.   It was # 1 in a semi-popular category.   I have since switched the categorization… Continue Reading

KDP Select Giveaway, a Case Study (Part 1)

By Lori Culwell

We promised honesty here at, and honesty is what you’re going to get with this experiment that I conducted last month.   Yes friends, this is where I tell you about a “Kindle Free Giveaway” promotion that I did—one involving writing five eBooks, performing a ton of setup and headache to get everything formatted correctly, and time spent submitting the giveaway to the various “free eBook” sites in advance.     Every case study I read says that this is what pushes books to the top of… Continue Reading

Google Authorship: Progress!

By Lori Culwell

I said I would report back when I saw some progress in my epic, Game of Thrones-like journey toward attaining Google Authorship, and I am happy to report that there has finally been some!   I’m putting this in the “In the Lab” section so you can refer back to it to make yourself feel better if your Google Authorship verification is taking a long time.  I’m a multiple-times published author with a strong byline, and it’s taken me NINE WEEKS (and counting) to work… Continue Reading

My Google Authorship Experience, Continued

By Lori Culwell

Back in February, if you’ll recall, a smart friend told me that I should verify my Authorship through Google, that this was very important, and that the whole process had taken her approximately four weeks so I’d better get right on that. I agreed, and put the steps in motion that very day, in fact.  If you’re keeping track, it is now mid-April, and I am still waiting for my “approval” email from The Big G. In case you’re just joining this discussion, Google Authorship is when your little picture… Continue Reading

My Google Authorship Experience!

By Lori Culwell

This week, I had a totally interesting and informative Google + Hangout with my smart blogger friend Erica, who kicked my ass on the subject of Google Plus, and Google Authorship in general.  It was AWESOME.  I love it when smart people tell me about things I might be missing. Here’s the thing—I have been totally neglecting my Google + profile because I felt like I just didn’t want to take the time, and I didn’t know how much benefit it was really going to… Continue Reading