Book Review: Pinterest Ultimate Guide: How to use Pinterest for Business and Social Media Marketing

Reviewed By Lori Culwell

Thank you for your nice messages and replies to last week’s post. (with the exception of the one guy who replied back “I DON’T LIKE EMAIL MARKETING I DON’T WANT WHAT YOU ARE SELLING” even though he voluntarily signed up for the list and I wasn’t selling anything. Nice job, bro. Thanks for that. I have taken you off the list.

In fact, I am very discouraged, but I’m not giving up on authors altogether, since I still have this website and the mailing list that goes with it. The fact that this website ranks well for many promotion-related terms and that people sign up for the mailing list every single day tells me that people do, in fact, need this type of information, so (as I said last week), I am now just going to give you free resources so you can check out different marketing and promotional platforms until you find one that is right for you. I am not taking author clients any longer, but I can absolutely give you a recommendation for someone to build your website, do your social media for you, or even to do your book publicity. But, hear me when I say this—THESE THINGS ARE NOT FREE. They are going to cost, probably more than you are going to want to pay, and that is why I have been trying to provide author education for five straight years.

This week’s pick has to do with marketing on Pinterest. Yes, the book is free, and no, I did not write it. Last week’s book was about email marketing, but if you took a look at that and decided that email marketing is not for you (like the guy who sent me that email), that is totally fine, but you do in fact need to do something to get yourself out there and start networking. Maybe Pinterest is your thing! Let’s all take a look at it and try to learn something new, shall we? It is called Pinterest Ultimate Guide: How to use Pinterest for Business and Social Media Marketing

Here’s what I like about the book: Pinterest is something I joined a long time ago and never really think about, but this author makes a lot of really compelling arguments about the demographic profiling of the typical Pinterest user and reminded me about the sheer volume of users on that platform (70 MILLION). Wowsers. I need to get on there and start pinning some salad recipes and promote some of my books while I’m at it.

I actually really like this book. My only complaint is that it is a little on the short side (46 pages), and since I liked the info he was presenting, I wanted him to keep going. I feel like when this book goes from free back to paid, it needs to be a little longer.

So, go download this book while it is still free, then get on Pinterest and start pinning and networking. Maybe it will be your thing!

Also, Happy Leap Year!



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