Book Review: 33 Self-Publishing Tips by Ryan Stevens

Reviewed By Lori Culwell

Today I am back to the “free resource referral,” and this week’s book is “33 Self Publishing Tips” by Ryan Stevens. This is a good example of a simple concept, well executed: most of us have been self-published at one time or another, and this book is sort of meta in that it is a self-published book giving you a bunch of tips on self-publishing.  Note:  this book is on free promotion, so it’s not always going to be free, which means you should go over and download it right now.

I’m sure you see how this could go on and on in an infinite loop of referential self-publishing references, but I will stop there.

I wanted to point out, I think the cover of this book is really eye-catching and well done. That’s one of MY self-publishing tips—don’t get too attached (or pay too much money) for your cover, because switching it out and split-testing another design might be the thing that gets your book out of a sales rut. So, learn from this guy—he’s got a good cover, it caught my eye, and now I am telling you about his book.

Another thing I like about this book is that Ryan Stevens encourages you to think of your writing/ your books like a business. This is so important, I can’t emphasize it enough, and I will keep recommending authors/ books that reinforce this belief. Your books are not going to just take on a life of their own—you need to treat your writing like a business, and go about making yourself findable and putting things out there on a regular basis, just like any business owner would. I like Stevens’ emphasis on the email list, the multiple points of access (like podcasting and audiobooks), paperbacks made through CreateSpace, and so on.

Finally, I’m really glad that self-publishing has become so mainstream. Less than ten years ago, I self-published a novel (Hollywood Car Wash, in case you’re curious), and I was SHOCKED by the backlash and shaming I got from my peers in the publishing industry. I actually ended up crying in my car after being invited to a book fair and showing up with my books, only to be told to “go home, we don’t sell self-published books.” OUCH.
So, I’m very glad to see that self-publishing is a thing that anyone can (and should) do.

Get out there and sell some books!


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