Book Promotion Tough Love

By Lori Culwell

Hey everyone!   How are you all doing?

(see, I’m opening on a nice note, because I do not think you’re going to like what I am about to say.   I’m also going to close on a nice note. Kind of like the blog post version of the “compliment sandwich”).

Here’s the thing. I spend HOURS UPON HOURS trying to think of ways to make it easier to set up your author platform to make it easier for you to promote yourself and your work. I thought maybe we had gotten past the point where promotion is something I have to convince authors to do, because I’m sorry, what year is it? When you look around, do you see ANY super successful authors that don’t have a website and social media? I’m going to just tell you right now, I consult for many publishing companies, and my “best practice” recommendation is that they should not even consider an author who can’t even be bothered to put a website together, because authors like that are going to expect them (the publisher) to do everything for them when it comes to promoting their books, and all of them are going to end up with a disappointing result.

Last year, I came out with a well priced (meaning, $37) course, walking people through setting up a website from beginning to end. People, when I set up a website, the minimum charge is $1,000, and that is without design added on.   So, essentially this course was giving you a $963 discount off of the setup price of a website. Despite stellar feedback (and I mean, people writing to me saying that this course BLEW THEIR MINDS, they considered it ESSENTIAL, and that they could simply not believe how much they learned and how much value they got from it), I was super surprised how few authors signed up. Surprised and disappointed, but mostly surprised.   I talked to some more authors, and they said that they wanted to learn, but they didn’t have the time.   The course just seemed longer than they had, and they knew a website was something they needed, but they just could not sit down and put it together.

OK then—I challenged myself to create an even simpler, lower cost solution. I spent months (MONTHS) researching and creating this video, the sole purpose of which is to help you set up a website in SIX MINUTES or less, for $12.

Here that is, in case you are now convinced that you should advocate on your own behalf and start your website right now.

One week ago, I sent this video out to more than 2,000 authors, most of whom I KNOW have no website (because I surveyed them a couple of years ago).   Would you like to guess how many people have used this video to get in there and make their own website, which everyone now knows they need?


I know this because I keep track, because I actually care and I want to create products and write blog posts and make videos that will help you, so I measure everything.

People, I cannot make it simpler than 6 minutes and 12 dollars. If that much knowledge packed into that short a time period (and that low a cost) can’t convince you to set something up, I have no other ideas.   My only conclusion from this is that authors, in fact, DO NOT yet accept the fact that they need to establish their author platforms, and that they will need to learn the hard way.

And with that, here is a bit of tough love coming straight from one of my favorite authors (and marketers), Cait Reynolds. Cait asked for my advice a couple of years ago. I gave it to her, and GUESS WHAT? She actually followed it, and now she has a book deal.

The bottom line, people, is that we are not here to CONVINCE you that book promotion and marketing is a necessary part of your life.  We are here to help you start and build your platform once you come to this realization.  We do not believe you can be a successful author these days without a platform.

ok, I’m off my soapbox now.