3 Awesome Email List Building Tips for Fiction Authors by guest Bri Clark (@Bri_clark)

By Rachel Thompson

3 Awesome Email List Buiilding tips for Fiction Authors

Joe Brewer asks what a fiction writer can offer as an email subscriber list-building giveaway that isn’t merch. Information? Special stories just for the subscriber? We here you Joe, so we asked Bri Clark to join us with 3 awesome tips for building an email list for fiction authors. Here is a brief overview of the tips you will find in the video below.

  1. At the beginning and at the end of all of your books have a link for readers to sign up for your eBook list.
  2. No Short Stories instead offer a novella, people really respond to a novella or a novella series. Make this exclusive to signing up for the email list. Switch it up and do more than one a year. Don’t forget to share, share, share on social media. Make this exclusive to email sign ups.
  3. Use your research expertize to create resources for your audience. Consider if you are writing a book and you have to research running. If you aren’t a runner you are going to definitely research. Create an infographic or tip sheet for people to download. On the sheet explain you gathered this info for your book titled___ and include the link.

We hope that these helped you! If you want to leave some questions in the comments Rachel and Bri are happy to answer them.

About Bri Clark:
Bri ClarkBri Clark is a real example of redemption and renewal. Growing penniless in the South, Bri learned street smarts while caring for her brother in a broken home. She watched her mother work several jobs to care for their small family. Once her brother could fend for himself, Bri moved on to a series of bad choices including leaving school and living on her own. Rebelliousness was a strong understatement to describe those formative years. As a teenager, her wakeup call came from a fight with brass knuckles and a judge that gave her a choice of shaping up or spending time in jail.

She took that opportunity and found a way to moved up from the streets. She ended up co-owning an extremely successful construction business. She lived the high life until the real estate crash when she lost everything. She moved west and found herself living with her husband and 4 kids in a 900 square foot apartment.

She now fills her time, writing, blogging, owning a publishing house, a marketing company, speaking on social media and sharing her southern culture. Her unique background gives her writing a raw sensibility. She understands what it takes to overcome life’s obstacles. She often tells friends, “I can do poor. I’m good at poor. It’s prosperity that I’m not used to.” Bri and her husband Chris live in Boise. Bri is known as the Belle of Boise for her true southern accent, bold demeanor and hospitable nature.

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Originally posted on BadRedhead Media. Republished with permission.
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