Review: Sell More Kindle Books: 12 Master Book Marketing Systems Revealed

Reviewed By Lori Culwell

So, I’m writing this review, which is of a book called “Sell More Kindle Books:  12 Master Book Marketing Systems Reviewed.”   Basically this is a review of a book that reviews courses on how to sell books, which I think is very “meta,” if you will.   I promised to tell you if I found anything interesting in the world of book marketing and promotion, and I think this book serves a very important purpose, so I wanted to just quickly tell you about it here…. Continue Reading

Biggest Mistakes of Self-Publishers

By Lori Culwell

By Mercedes Tabano Did you know that most self-published books won’t sell more than twenty copies in their lifetime? That’s a depressing statistic. Numbers like that aren’t’ even enough to buy a decent dinner for two, let alone build the life your dreams.      So what mistakes are they (and you) making that could kill your indie author career?  No Editing There’s an old saying among authors that great books aren’t’ written, they’re rewritten. Once you type, or mentally say the words ‘the end’ the… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: Duh. Or, Classic Marketing 101 Mistake

By Cait Reynolds

Um, yeah. I feel really dumb right now, and I’m cringing just a little at the thought of the “I-trained-you-better-than-this” amused look Carol – my lifelong public relations and marketing mentor, friend, honorary Mom – will give me when she reads this. Carol was the toughest, smartest marketing professional I’ve ever known. When I worked for her, she drilled strategic thinking into me like a marine corps sergeant, and she showed me not the just how of publicity, but the why which is the key to everything…. Continue Reading

Intelligent Links Mean More Book Sales

By Cole Lakes

I have recently been given the opportunity to write a couple of articles on about using affiliated links when promoting your books, and how globalizing those links can help you earn money from your readers around the world. I’m hoping that those articles have helped you become rich and famous and that you’re reading this while swimming in your bank vault of gold coins, Scrooge McDuck style. If not, I’ve got another trick up my sleeve to help you get there in the form… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: The Plot Bunny Striketh

By Cait Reynolds

I have a very careful plan. If you’ve read any of my “letters,” you’ll know how long and probably obsessively I have worked on and refined my writing and marketing plan for 2014. I have been sooooo good about sticking to the plan for the most part. Being behind doesn’t mean I’m not sticking to it. Except…I got slapped upside the head with the most amazing plot bunny ever. It appeared full and perfect in my brain, like Athena springing from Zeus’ overheated imaginings. I… Continue Reading

How To Stop Those Annoying Twitter AutoDMs!

By Rachel Thompson

If you’ve been on Twitter for even a nanosecond, you’ve received one of these enthusiastically, obviously fake, exclamation pointed, auto-generated ‘welcome’ messages, otherwise known as an ‘auto DM (direct message): Hi! Thanks for the follow! Please buy my book here (link), review it, follow me on Facebook, clean my house, and tell the world how amazing I am!!!!!!’  Okay, I jest (only slightly). DMs can be a useful tool in taking a public conversation private, or to connect with someone over a topic that you… Continue Reading

What You Need To Sell More Books — Basic Overview

By Rachel Thompson

Someone asked me yesterday if they absolutely had to have an eBook version for their book. Someone else asked today what are the top three marketing activities. Finally, I received this message: What’s Twitter? How do I start a blog? There are a number of components to create an ‘author platform,’ and because this is a quick overview, I suggest you do some further reading (here on this site) or on the links I provide. So let’s deconstruct. TOP 5 BASIC COMPONENTS This is by… Continue Reading

3 Twitter Basics You Probably Don’t Know About

By Rachel Thompson

Twitter is hands down my favorite platform for authors. Again, and as always, not for tweeting BUY MY BOOK links repeatedly (which is not only annoying but also against The Twitter Rules we all agreed to), but for connecting with readers, book bloggers, and book reviewers, as well as other authors. There are few tools I find particularly helpful when it comes to sharing my work and the work of my clients on Twitter. Let’s deconstruct. 1) How To Make Everyone See Your Replies! The… Continue Reading

How To Find Out Your Website’s Ranking and Grade!

By Rachel Thompson

I’m not a web expert (that would be Lori and Lisa). I know just enough to go to a few websites and figure out things like my rankings and grade. If this is all foreign to you, read further. I didn’t know anything about websites, SEO, optimization, etc., when I first started out. I still don’t know a lot! Probably just enough to be dangerous. Here is what I advise author friends and clients to look at. Let’s deconstruct. Alexa Ranking: Type in any the… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: Six Month Performance Evaluation

By Cait Reynolds

I hate doing self-evals. I always thought the politically-correct questions approved by Human Resources were ridiculously plebeian and prone to producing pablum for responses. Occasionally, I would amuse myself with alliteration while merely mentioning moribund moments of mediocrity in the self-improvement section. But it’s June 2 today, and it’s high time for me to do a six month check in. Only, I’m my boss now, and I’m going to ask really tough, politically incorrect questions of myself in order to adequately assess my adventures and… Continue Reading