Authors Be Genuine on Social Media by @K8Tilton

By Rachel Thompson

When I teach social media, I give authors tips on how to manage social media so it doesn’t become overwhelming, step-by-step guidance on how to navigate each channel, and advice on what type of content to share. But what I can’t teach is how to be genuine. Being genuine is one of the most important aspects of social media. No one wants to follow an author who posts links like a robot, with no emotion, thought, or personality. But one thing I’ve noticed while working… Continue Reading

How to Find Your Audience Online by @nblackburn01

By Rachel Thompson

Kerry Gans asked, “How can an author find an online audience?” Today, I am going to not only discuss the basics that we all know about, but I am going also going to talk about some sites that authors may not be familiar with: Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram, which are considered to be soft marketing outlets. The basic social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Google+. Let’s do a brief breakdown of how to utilize these in a marketing plan. Facebook Facebook pages: Don’t… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: I don’t give a Hoot(suite)

By Cait Reynolds

I really tried. I really gave it the old college try. But, I just cannot get into HootSuite. I know it’s supposed to make life easier for me, but frankly, it just gives me anxiety. Setting it up was a pain, and I’m still not sure I have it right. But, more than that, it makes me feel disconnected. It makes the social media experience feel impersonal, which is the opposite of what I think it should be. Seeing all the lists and tabs and everything… Continue Reading

This is The Reason You Need To Focus Your Content To Sell Books

By Rachel Thompson

I wrote a post over on my author blog about how self-promotion sucks because, in all likelihood, you’re doing it wrong. Maybe you’re not and you can relax and not yell at me, so go sit down and take some deep breaths. But if you are one of those annoying authors who is repeatedly spamming your book links and has nothing else to say but, “Buy my book!” all over the place, take a sec:   It seems screamingly obvious that you think quite… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: The Real World Strikes Back

By Cait Reynolds

Sometimes, I wish the universe wasn’t so freaking melodramatic. I mean, I get it. Yin and yang have to have to happen. But seriously, does the yang have to be so dang yangy? Since last Monday, it has been a struggle to stay on top of things. On Monday itself, I had my infusion treatment for immune suppression for my kidney transplant. It’s such a concentrated dose of medication that I basically get knocked out and am useless for anything but passing out the rest… Continue Reading

How to Use Pinterest on Your Author Website by @K8Tilton

By Rachel Thompson

Previously I talked about how to grow your Pinterest followers, but how do you connect your website and Pinterest for the best results? Use a Business Account If you are just starting out, go here to create your business account. As an author your business type is “Public Figure.” If you already have a personal Pinterest, go here to convert your account. Click the “convert now” text listed under “Already have an account?” Verify Your Website Pinterest has a step-by-step guide on how to verify… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real Wo: Social Media Mornings

By Cait Reynolds

I am not a morning person. I used to be. There was a time when I was up chirping with the birds and vigorously, joyously jostling for a place on the train by 7:00 a.m. Then, I turned 30, and my dad’s night owl genetics kicked in. Of course, it didn’t help that my health was in decline as I rapidly approached needing a kidney transplant. It didn’t get much better after the transplant as the meds left me sleepy and sick every morning. Even… Continue Reading

Self-Promotion Sucks…Because You’re Doing It Wrong

By Rachel Thompson

There have been a few posts circulating recently about how authors who self promote are basically jerks, because self-promotion doesn’t work to sell your books. I agree. Wait, before you freak out on me, She Who Is A Marketing Person, let me explain…or as I always say, let’s deconstruct. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG You shouldn’t be ‘self-promoting,’ you should be marketing smart. Marketing your work correctly. Branding yourself with focus, sharing interesting content, articles, blog posts, quotes, graphics, throwing in the occasional humor, i.e., cat videos,… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: Viral is as Viral Does

By Cait Reynolds
Photo on 4-20-15 at 9.36 AM #5

I feel like I haven’t left my computer since Friday morning. I’ve been averaging 12-14 hours a day at the computer. And, I haven’t been writing. I have been 100% engaged with people online. Last Friday, we announced the cover reveal for my upcoming book, Downcast. The ARC and cover went up on NetGalley. It was tweeted, facebooked, and blogged. And then…it caught fire. In some ways, this is a continuation of last week’s post about how I’ve decided to use social media for marketing. As… Continue Reading

Measuring Social Media ROI by guest @nblackburn01

By Rachel Thompson

Please welcome staff writer for, Naomi Blackburn, The Author CEO as she explains social media ROI to answer Nanea Hoffman question “How to measure reach on various social platforms. What is the best way to do this?” Marketing is one of the most difficult areas to measure ROI (return on investment), but don’t fret, it isn’t impossible. There are several tools authors can use to identify the impact of their posts or their visibility in the market. The great thing is that all of the sites I discuss in… Continue Reading