3 Easy Steps to Finding Great Social Media Content to Share

By Rachel Thompson
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As discussed in my last post (What should writers blog about? A quick guide), hopefully you’ve now figured out about five or so topics that you are interested in, passionate about, are an expert in, or simply enjoy sharing. Keep in mind, these may or may not having anything at all to do with your book (I suggest at least one or two are related). How to find content to share across your social media? I’m going to walk you through how I find content for… Continue Reading

What Should Writers Blog About? A Quick Guide

By Rachel Thompson

Several writers have asked me recently: What do I blog about? or Is blogging really necessary?  I always answer with a resounding YES it’s necessary — blogging is a way to connect with readers, book bloggers, and book reviewers (and potentially, agents and publishers who, make no mistake, will come to your site and look for your blog to get a feel for who you are and how you write). As to what to blog about — that’s where most writers get tripped up, so… Continue Reading

Social Media Scheduling Tools for Authors by @K8Tilton

By Rachel Thompson

Please welcome virtual assistant extraordinaire Kate Tilton, who is a staff writer for BadRedheadMedia.com and helps author Rachel Thompson from falling down the rabbit hole every day. Pay attention — Kate knows what she’s doing! Ever feel like there is no way you can manage all your social media accounts, let alone post regularly to each? Ever wonder how some authors seem to be on social media ALL the time? Introducing social media scheduling tools, your key to managing your accounts and building your following…. Continue Reading

Are You A Writer? Then…Write!

By Rachel Thompson

“Express yourself, don’t repress yourself” ~ Madonna (Human Nature) I noticed an extremely talented writer friend hadn’t blogged for awhile, so I checked in on her last night. She decided to take a break due to some harsh comments from those supposedly ‘in the know,’ and was taking time to lick her wounds and hadn’t written in months. I am a true fan, and was shocked to see her so affected. But I could relate.  Been there, done that. I gave her this advice: ‘Screw… Continue Reading

Amazon and Booktrope Announce A New Business Relationship

By Rachel Thompson

As previously announced a few weeks ago on BadredheadMedia.com, Booktrope announces a new business relationship beginning with a mutual licensing deal that deepens ties with Amazon.com to a much more significant degree. Booktrope is a Seattle startup that says it’s reinventing publishing by providing efficient, online services to creative teams – authors, editors, designers and others involved in producing books — in order to produce high quality titles for readers at reasonable prices. By all outward appearances, Amazon and Booktrope share a strong commitment to keeping… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: A Real World Writers Conference

By Cait Reynolds

This summer, I finished a book that has been 4 years, 4 drafts, 33 pages of typewritten notes, and 3 closet doors full of handwritten plotting notes. Writing “Downcast” (coming Late Fall 2014 – woo hoo!) turned me into an anti-social little monster. I failed at practically everything except writing, from seeing my family and friends to blogging. (Failing at blogging is an entirely different conversation we’re going to be having at some point, as well.) However, I found it beneficial in the middle of… Continue Reading

Review: Sell More Kindle Books: 12 Master Book Marketing Systems Revealed

Reviewed By Lori Culwell

So, I’m writing this review, which is of a book called “Sell More Kindle Books:  12 Master Book Marketing Systems Reviewed.”   Basically this is a review of a book that reviews courses on how to sell books, which I think is very “meta,” if you will.   I promised to tell you if I found anything interesting in the world of book marketing and promotion, and I think this book serves a very important purpose, so I wanted to just quickly tell you about it here…. Continue Reading

Biggest Mistakes of Self-Publishers

By Lori Culwell

By Mercedes Tabano Did you know that most self-published books won’t sell more than twenty copies in their lifetime? That’s a depressing statistic. Numbers like that aren’t’ even enough to buy a decent dinner for two, let alone build the life your dreams.      So what mistakes are they (and you) making that could kill your indie author career?  No Editing There’s an old saying among authors that great books aren’t’ written, they’re rewritten. Once you type, or mentally say the words ‘the end’ the… Continue Reading

Letters from the Real World: Duh. Or, Classic Marketing 101 Mistake

By Cait Reynolds

Um, yeah. I feel really dumb right now, and I’m cringing just a little at the thought of the “I-trained-you-better-than-this” amused look Carol – my lifelong public relations and marketing mentor, friend, honorary Mom – will give me when she reads this. Carol was the toughest, smartest marketing professional I’ve ever known. When I worked for her, she drilled strategic thinking into me like a marine corps sergeant, and she showed me not the just how of publicity, but the why which is the key to everything…. Continue Reading

Intelligent Links Mean More Book Sales

By Cole Lakes

I have recently been given the opportunity to write a couple of articles on bookpromotion.com about using affiliated links when promoting your books, and how globalizing those links can help you earn money from your readers around the world. I’m hoping that those articles have helped you become rich and famous and that you’re reading this while swimming in your bank vault of gold coins, Scrooge McDuck style. If not, I’ve got another trick up my sleeve to help you get there in the form… Continue Reading